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10 Best Stocks APIs For Developers

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Nowadays, investment methods are becoming more diversified and easier. In this context, the digitalization of traditional financial markets makes stock investments accessible. Now, investors can easily trade stocks from any geographical location via an internet-connected device. This digital transformation enables almost everyone to participate in financial markets. One of the driving forces of this digital transformation is the stocks API.

Nowadays, investors make their stock investments through trading platforms. Platforms that offer stock investing offer investors a more convenient, accessible, and user-friendly experience compared to traditional financial institutions. These platforms are usually equipped with user-friendly interfaces and allow investors to trade stocks, manage their portfolios, and track market movements. Additionally, most platforms help investors increase their financial knowledge by offering additional features such as educational resources, analysis tools, and portfolio management services. In this article, we will take a closer look at the stocks API used by these platforms and its importance. Then, we will take a closer look at the stock APIs most preferred by developers.

Demystifying the Stocks API: Understanding its Significance and Role

Stock APIs are web services that provide access to stock market data. These APIs are often developed by financial technology companies and provide users with access to a variety of financial information, such as real-time or historical stock prices, market volumes, company information, and other financial data. Stock APIs provide access to data from global markets, allowing investors to track and analyze stocks across different regions and sectors from a single point. Additionally, these APIs often include alternative data. Thus, investors can go beyond traditional data and make more comprehensive analyses.

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The importance of stock APIs lies in the fact that they help investors improve their trading strategies by providing them with fast and accurate data access. For example, access to real-time stock prices allows investors to quickly react to instant market movements. On the other hand, historical data helps investors analyze past performance and identify future trends. Additionally, the alternative data provided by stock APIs helps investors discover trends and opportunities beyond traditional financial data. Therefore, stock APIs are important for anyone who wants to develop effective trading strategies and make successful investments in the global financial markets.

Exploring the Top 10 Stock APIs Available

Nowadays, almost every financial data platform uses a stock API. These platforms aim to provide the most accurate data to their users in the fastest way. In this context, the importance of reliable stock market data APIs is increasing day by day. In this section, we will list the top 10 stock market APIs preferred by developers and businesses in the market.

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Marketstack API

home page of the marketstack stocks api

Marketstack API stands out as the best financial data API preferred by developers and businesses in the market. This API has more than 30,000 customers, including global companies such as Uber, Amazon, and Accenture. The marketstack API covers 70 global stock exchanges around the world. Some of them are NASDAQ, SSE, NYSE, ENX, and many more. It also provides users with real-time data on more than 170,000 stock tickers, thanks to its extensive global stock exchanges.

One of the most important reasons why the marketstack API is preferred by the masses is that it provides historical data. It provides 30+ years of historical data for all stocks it supports. Thus, platforms using this API allow their users to develop investment strategies by providing historical data. It also has a developer-friendly structure. It easily integrates into all major programming languages today. Additionally, marketstack API shortens the integration process for developers with the JSON response it provides. Finally, it is a stock API with a free plan. It offers its users free use of up to 100 API calls per month.


home page of the polygon.io stock market api

Polygon.io is a popular stock market API preferred by businesses such as Google and Revolut. It has four services that are products stocks, options, indices, and currencies. Each of these products is comprehensive. For example, its stocks product offers investors services such as 10,413 company tickers, 15 years of historical data, and 100% market coverage. The JSON response it also offers is quite detailed. It provides fields such as market, primary exchange, ticker root, and even total employees in the response it provides.

This API provides uninterrupted service to developers and businesses with 99.99% uptime. It has a structure that can be integrated quickly. Additionally, it offers integration codes for major programming languages such as Java, Go, and JavaScript on its homepage. Finally, it offers 5 API calls free of charge per minute.

Financial Modeling Prep

home page of the financial modeling prep stocks api

Financial Modeling Prep (FMP) is a web service that makes it simple to create financial applications and models with fast, accurate, and easy-to-use financial market data. This API offers all kinds of financial data with historical prices and fundamental data from over 30 years on 90+ exchanges and 70,000+ stocks. FMP is not just a finance API that provides financial data. It also provides market news and company information to its users.

FMP obtains the financial data it offers to its users from reliable sources. Thus, businesses and developers using this API provide their users with an extremely secure trading experience. This API, which has more than 100 endpoints, provides all its responses in JSON format and most of them in CSV format. It also provides 250 API calls per day for free.


home page of the tiingo api

Tiingo is a reliable, enterprise-grade financial markets API with a wide user network serving companies such as Microsoft and Swisscom. It provides 80,000+ tickers to its users across the world. It also supports global stock exchanges such as NYSE, NYSE Arca, NYSE American, and NASDAQ, which are popular around the world.

Tiingo offers its users a comprehensive resource of 50+ million articles. This helps developers both obtain and analyze past news and follow current news easily. It also offers forex data for more than 140 currencies. Tiingo offers these services to its users as a free plan as well as a paid plan.

IEX Cloud

home page of the iex cloud financial data api

IEX Cloud is another financial data API with a wide user base on the internet. The unique financial data API it provides contains very comprehensive data. It provides comprehensive data such as change, change percent, close source, and even close time for a stock. IEX Cloud provides services to its users with real-time-historical, and intraday endpoints.

This API is a financial API that is very easy to use. It offers a lot of interesting information about the API in its developer-friendly documentation. Lastly, it has a free trial but does not have any free subscription plan.

Alpha Vantage

home page of the alpha vantage api

Alpha Vantage is one of the most comprehensive stock APIs on the market. It is a platform that provides traders with free and real-time data on stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, and other financial assets. With its advanced API and user-friendly interface, it offers investors the necessary tools to follow, analyze the markets, and make informed investment decisions.

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This API offers access to more than 100 technical indicators that will help traders perform technical analysis at high speed. It also provides 20+ years of historical stock data. Alpha Vantage offers its users a very descriptive documentation. Furthermore, it provides sample integration codes for programming languages such as Python, Node.js, and PHP in this documentation. This API has a free plan. Users can use Alpha Vantage for free for 25 requests per day.


home page of the alpaca stocks api

Alpaca API is one of the most popular web services used for various transactions such as stock, option, and cryptocurrency trading. It is ideal for different operations such as algorithmic trading, automated investment strategies, and integration with third-party applications. Alpaca API offers many advantages such as commission-free trading, real-time data streaming, and flexible programming options.

One of the prominent features of Alpaca API is the possibility of commission-free transactions. Thus, investors can minimize transaction costs. It also allows investors to instantly monitor market movements with its real-time data stream and trade accordingly. Finally, it offers flexible programming options thanks to its compatibility with various programming languages, so traders can easily implement their algorithms and automated trading strategies. Additionally, this API has a free registration option.

EOD Historical Data API

home page of the eod historical data api

EOD Historical Data API is one of the APIs with the widest service scope in the market. This API offers 70+ stock exchanges all over the world, 30+ years of data, 150,000+ tickers, 20,000+ ETFs, 600+ indices, and 1,100+ forex pairs to its users. In this respect, it can serve almost every trading platform that operates globally. Additionally, its Trustpilot score is 4.8.

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This API is a developer-friendly web service with 24/7 technical support and an easy-to-integrate structure. It provides sample integration codes for programming languages such as Python, PHP, Java, and C#. Additionally, it offers its users a daily limit of 20 API calls in its free plan.

OpenFin API

home page of the openfin api

OpenFin API is a powerful financial API tailored for financial institutions and developers. This API provides access to financial data and functionality through a single interface, allowing for more efficient and faster development and integration of financial software.

Offering accessibility on a single platform makes it easier for financial institutions and third-party developers to transfer data and integrate functionality between different applications. In addition, with its advanced security features, it ensures that financial data is transmitted and stored securely. Finally, it offers its users a demo for testing.


home page of the intrinio financial & market data api

Intrinio is a financial & market data API preferred by global businesses. It also allows obtaining accurate historical market data for the last 50 years. With its resources equipped with predictive and classified machine learning algorithms, Intrinio meticulously analyzes stock options and stock data, providing critical information for investors and stock traders.

This API comes to the fore for businesses and developers by offering technical support and live chat services. In addition, with the detailed documentation it provides, this API touches upon every aspect of the service it offers. Finally, it offers free trials to its users.


In conclusion, the importance of the stocks API stands out because it democratizes access to financial markets and enables investors to make more informed decisions. The API offers investors advantages in creating trading strategies by providing fast and accurate data access. In this context, choosing a reliable stocks API appears as a factor that makes a difference for businesses.

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Real-Time, Intraday &
Historical Market Data API


Q: Is the marketstack a free financial data provider?

A: Yes, it is. In addition to its high-limit and affordable paid plans, it also offers a free plan limited to 100 API calls per month. It also provides historical data in this plan.

Q: Why is historical financial market data important for investors?

A: Historical financial market data helps investors analyze trends and understand market behavior. Moreover, investors can develop future investment strategies with this data.

Q: How many years of historical data does marketstack provide?

A: Marketstack API provides users with over 30 years of historical data for the stocks it supports.

Q: Does marketstack provide fundamental data for stocks?

A: Yes, it does. It provides detailed fields such as EOD, symbol, country, and stock exchange name in its response.

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