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5 APIs You Can Use To Collect Business Intelligence

5 APIs You Can Use To Collect Business Intelligence

In recent years, where more and more technological innovations are taking place, data has appeared to be an essential by-product. According to research, every day we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data on average. This data, if studied and analyzed properly, can provide valuable insights that can help achieve wonders in setting up a path toward successful business outreach and planning. 

The domain of business intelligence is deeply inspired by the availability of huge tons of data. One aspect of business intelligence would be using a geolocation API but another aspect is using textual information like news and stock data. The researchers are actively studying techniques that can enable business leaders to take the fullest advantage of data and design their business objectives smartly and per the desired output. 

In this blog, we’ll look at how we can use powerful third-party APIs and easily search for the data that you can further use to design and implement business intelligence techniques. 

How can I compile credible news sources and headlines?

News has always been a powerful and authentic source of information that people can rely on. Businesses, especially stock trading, are significantly influenced by the trending news and headlines that are prevailing around the particular market segment. Collecting news and blog articles, and then analyzing them to predict future trends using data analysis mechanisms is a smart way to intelligently shape business decisions. 

The mediastack is a third-party service provider that offers live news, headlines, and blog articles by exposing REST endpoints. It is a scalable JSON API that delivers worldwide news, headlines, and blog articles in real-time. The mediastack API has access to over 7500 news sources of about 50 countries and has a free plan usage as well so that you may quickly implement your proof of concept. 

Can I scrape a web page and fetch meaningful insights from it?

Apart from the news, headlines, and blog articles, the worldwide web has a tremendous amount of structured and unstructured data that can equally help businesses to figure out important metrics for their use cases.

The scrapestack is a real-time proxy and web scraping API that can scrape web pages worldwide in milliseconds. It handles millions of proxy IPs, browsers, and captchas due to its powerful and scalable infrastructure. Due to its fast speed and credible data provision, scrapestack API is trusted by 2000+ companies worldwide. 

What is an easy way to get Google search data using an API?

The serpstack is a real-time Google search and SERP API that provides accurate data using lightning-fast JSON REST endpoints. It is trusted by some of the largest brands worldwide which makes it a renowned and credible choice of adoption for new businesses. 

The serpstack API has a powerful scalable and queueless cloud infrastructure that can withstand a high volume of API requests. The API is capable of custom automating search queries based on a series of options, including location, language, and device. 

How can I check for stock data in real-time?

The marketstack is a real-time, intraday, and historical market and stock data API that possesses a free and easy-to-use REST interface delivering worldwide stock market data in JSON format. 

The API as of today is consumed by 30,000+ customers who are happy to easily integrate the API and make use of 170,000+ worldwide stock tickers, providing a seamless data collection and future analysis experience. 

Is there a way I can integrate crypto trading into my business? 

The coinlayer is a real-time cryptocurrency exchange rates JSON REST API that is an extremely valuable and trusted resource for accurate crypto market data. It covers data from around 25 exchanges and more than 385 coins as of today. 

With the help of coinlayer, you can build on a rock-solid crypto exchange rates resource with unparalleled accuracy and consistency. 

Learn more about coinlayer in the dedicated blog post here.

You can use all these APIs to collect accurate data from reliable sources worldwide. The data that you compile is an asset that you can further utilize and merge with your business intelligence process for the betterment of your business at large. 

Other API Layer REST APIs for Data Insights

Head over and check out all of our REST APIs to help you collect business intelligence and data insights.

In summary, in the era of technological advancements, data has become a vital asset for businesses. By leveraging powerful third-party APIs like mediastack, scrapestack, serpstack, marketstack, and coinlayer, businesses can access and analyze vast amounts of data to drive informed decision-making and achieve their objectives more efficiently. Incorporating these APIs into business intelligence strategies can lead to enhanced insights and better outcomes in today’s competitive landscape.

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