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5 Tips on API Monitoring

5 Tips on API Monitoring

Nowadays it is quite difficult to find an application that works without using the HTTP API. Many projects such as mobile applications, websites, IoT devices, backend applications use APIs for communication and data transfer. As APIs become critical to the operation of many applications and cloud-based services, monitoring them is becoming increasingly important. A malfunctioning and faulty API will make your customers and users unhappy and cause your traffic to decrease.

Based on this, the concept of API monitoring continues to gain importance day by day. So let’s examine this concept.

What is API Monitoring

API monitoring, in general, is to observe and monitor the operation and behavior of APIs in different environments. API monitoring helps you create an automated process to notify relevant IT teams as soon as an anomaly is detected in the API. The ultimate goal of API monitoring is to identify and quickly fix anomalies in APIs as quickly as possible and before customers notice them.

Let’s talk about 5 tips we have prepared for you about the concept of API monitoring, which is very important for systems.

Functional tests

Applications can have multiple APIs. In this case, testing of each API is very important. However, the information obtained from HTTP status codes may not be sufficient for each API. Therefore, detailed tests are very important.

Functional API tests are a great way to model real-world user scenarios and ensure the availability of a particular operation at an endpoint(s). For example, for a post API, it is very important to test and measure whether the fields to be sent in the request body contain validation and whether there is a character limit.

Automating functional tests will provide convenience for the API monitoring part.

API monitoring tool with detailed information

As the use of APIs on the Internet increased, the number of cyber attacks began to increase. APIs are vulnerable doors to the outside world, and malicious people can probe their vulnerabilities.

You can make your system more secure with ready-made API monitoring tools. The use of these tools, which contain detailed information and every metric, may offer the opportunity to prevent cyber attacks on your system before they grow.

Automated alert

When your API’s status changes or starts to crash frequently, the people in the API monitoring team can spot it. But automating this situation is always more beneficial. For example, if an error code is coming from an API frequently, you can automate this situation by alerting your API monitoring tool to the relevant IT team.

API monitoring security

The security of the tools you use for API monitoring is very important. With the API monitoring tool, you can see all open or hidden APIs in your system and monitor metrics. It also includes if you are working with test and live data. It is necessary to pay attention to the reliability of API monitoring, as it stores much more information about your system like this.

Follow API monitoring

It is very important to be able to instantly follow the API monitoring tool that you have included in your system. It is possible to catch abnormal situations in your system in this way as quickly as possible. Today, most of the big companies have monitoring teams.


With API monitoring, it is possible to monitor unusual movements in your system. You can also take a look at API monitoring tools to quickly detect and fix things that go wrong on your system.

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