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A Step-By-Step Guide to IP By Location

Today’s software emphasizes personalization. By narrowing in on its user’s specific needs and wants, a piece of software can significantly improve its value proposition.  There are many ways to achieve this, and one of the more popular involves using the user’s location information.

A user’s location provides vital insight into their needs and how and how they will use your product.  Knowing where your user is can, in turn, help you adapt your product to meet their needs. Thankfully, there are many tools available that help you get this information. These include robust APIs that give you a user’s IP by location

It only stands to reason that knowing your user base can be a great benefit to your business.  This is especially true if you offer very specific products or services.  In this scenario, getting location information using a robust API like ipstack’s geolocation API is just plain smart.

This article takes you through the details of using your user’s geolocation to improve your product or service and how API by location can simplify how you operate.

Why Would You Want To Get The IP By Location?

Competition between products is no longer about how well-established a company is. Instead, there are many examples where products from small-time startups have beaten bigger rivals.  One thing common in most cases is how the newer products delivered an impressive user experience tailored to their user’s needs. With so many options for users to choose from, they go for ones that provide the most value.

By understanding your user’s habits and demographics, you can create a product with a higher chance of success.  Many robust analytics tools are available to help you make sense of any user data you collect.  The only challenge is ethically gathering user data for product improvement and success.

There are many scenarios where getting the IP by location can remarkably improve your user experience.  Here are some of them:

A. Can it be used for Optimized Ad Targeting?

By knowing the user’s location, you can deliver better-suited ads. Carefully targeted ads have a greater chance of getting hits from the right users.  Upping your game by geographic targeting boosts your ad revenue and enhances the user experience. It also minimizes unnecessary clutter by making sure your ads are only seen by the right people. 

B. Can it help with Localized Suggestions?

Aggregator services rely on users’ geolocation to deliver better services.  Users can look for nearby options and derive more value from the service.  The service can also be confident that users can see what they require.

C. Is it an option for Implementing Geographical Restrictions?

Some websites may need to limit functionality based on a user’s location.  With IP by location, they can ensure the user only sees what they want them to see.

D. What about Ensuring Security Measures?

Enforcing security is easier when you know a user’s location.  You can find out where security threats originate from and act accordingly to limit risk in those areas. You can also restrict IPs that seem harmful.

With such a diverse array of uses, getting your user’s IP by location is incredibly useful. However, it is sensitive information and should only be sourced through reliable tools.  Ipstack’s geolocation API has solid security in place. 

What Does The Right Tool For Getting IP By Location Look Like?

If you have decided to go ahead and leverage IP by location, you need to do it.  After all, rushing the decision and sourcing this vital information from just anywhere can backfire.  You should know what to look for in the tool you’ll eventually use.

1. Does it offer Extensive Geolocation Coverage?

When it comes to geolocation,  you need to pick a tool that offers the most possible value. This means a wide coverage area.  There are many parts of the world where you have customers that some APIs don’t cover. Because of this, you need to review the locations a tool offers and ensure it meets your needs. The type of information is also important. While some tools can provide zip and area codes, some can only manage city-level or even regional granularity.

Thankfully, ipstack’s geolocation API provides you IP by location for most parts of the world.  Specifically, it covers more than two million unique locations worldwide.  Such extensive coverage is bound to provide you with information on any place you need.

2. Does it use Dependable Data Sources?

The biggest concern of most developers when getting the user’s IP by location is reliability.  Even a tiny inconsistency can damage the user experience and hurt the product’s success.  Therefore, you’ll need to look into where your preferred tool gets its data, You need to confirm the validity of your sources. The tool you choose should be transparent enough to detail its sources for your satisfaction.

With ipstack’s geolocation API, you can be confident that the data you receive is a-hundred-percent legitimate.  The API has had a solid partnership with ISPs globally, and they help provide accurate data throughout the year.  With such attention to detail, you can be sure of using the API for your product.

3. Does it have a Neatly Designed Infrastructure?

Your tool should have a clean and workable interface, no matter if it’s an API or a complete product on its own.  However, you’ll need to look into how you work that tool into your existing development toolset and ensure it is compatible.  A poorly designed tool will require more effort on your side as you develop with it. Therefore, your chosen instrument needs to provide you with a satisfactory user experience as a developer.

Developing with ipstack’s geolocation API is a smooth experience thanks to its easy-to-use interface.  You get intuitively designed methods and an infrastructure that prioritizes productivity and performance.  Therefore, you don’t have to sacrifice when getting your user’s IP by location.  In addition, with ipstack, you have practical error naming schemes and response structures designed for ease of use.

4. What about Powerful & Safely Scalable Performance?

Your preferred tool’s performance needs to be top-notch and not affect other workings around it.  Ensuring these details helps you get your data within milliseconds and has a minor effect on your overall performance.  Additionally, the need to grow can always arise, and the tool should adapt to such requirements.  Therefore, it will need to have a scalable nature that can accommodate all levels of requests.

With ipstack’s geolocation API, you get a powerful tool that you can easily integrate into your product’s workings.  Moreover, it can process either a small number of requests or even enterprise-level request volumes.  These characteristics make it the premier choice for  IP by location data.

5. Are there Tight Security Considerations?

Cybersecurity is a growing concern globally, and it is an active topic, especially when discussing user data.  Since we are working with the user’s geolocation, you must choose a tool with the correct security details.  It would be best if you went with an option with significant levels of encryption and secure data transfer protocols.

Thankfully, ipstack’s geolocation API comes with bank-grade security that ensures your user’s data is safely sourced.  It utilizes 256-bit SSL encryption to protect the data and establish a secure connection for the data transfers. Finally, there is the matter of customer support. In case you have problems or need help, our dedicated customer support team can provide prompt assistance.

Think you are ready to harness the power of IP by location to build better products? Head over to ipstack and see how their geolocation API can be a major help.

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