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API Marketplace: Explore The Best Platform For Showcasing APIs

APILayer marketplace

If you’re a developer who has just created an API and wondering how to sell and market your API, you need to choose a reliable API marketplace. Similarly, if you are looking for free APIs to integrate into your projects, you can explore an API marketplace to find your desired APIs. Hence, an API marketplace plays a vital role in connecting API providers and API consumers.

But what is an API marketplace, and what’s the best platform to sell and showcase your APIs? Read on to learn all about the best API marketplace.

Before we discuss about API marketplaces, let’s first briefly discuss what exactly an API is.

What Is An API?

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An API is a set of protocols and functions that enable two applications or software to exchange data. You can think of it like a middleman that allows two different apps to interact and talk to each other. The use of APIs (application programming interfaces) is on the rise. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and many other businesses worldwide use APIs for faster application development.

What Is An API Marketplace?

An API marketplace is essentially a platform that enables API developers to sell APIs. It also allows API consumers to find APIs easily and integrate them into their projects. In simple words, API marketplaces connect APIs sellers and consumers.

API marketplaces are just like e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon Marketplace, that enable the selling and purchasing of goods. If you want to sell a smartwatch, you can list it on Amazon, and people can order it online. That’s exactly how API marketplaces work. You can list your API or APIs along with pricing details on your desired marketplace, and other developers and businesses can purchase them. You can also offer a free subscription plan with limited features, so that consumers can first test and try your API.

Types Of API Marketplaces

There are different types of API marketplaces:

  • Public marketplace for public APIs
  • Private marketplace for internal APIs
  • Marketplace for both public and internal APIs

A public marketplace is designed to promote APIs to third-party/external developers. On the other hand, a private marketplace ecosystem is designed for the internal usage of APIs.

Component Of An API Marketplace

Typically, an API marketplace has two main components, API provider portals, and developer portals. The provider portal is designed for API producers to publish APIs, while the developer portal allows developers to find their desired APIs and different subscription plans.

Difference Between API Portals and API Marketplaces

An API portal is typically deployed by a single API provider and enables other developers to understand how the API works and integrate it into their projects. It provides helpful material, such as API documentation, specifications, and tutorials. You can create an API portal using a template for API management products, or they can also be custom developed.

On the other hand, API marketplaces allow multiple developers to showcase and sell APIs. As a result, these platforms have a wide range of APIs for different use cases.

While some API providers still use portals, most API sellers now prefer API marketplaces due to their huge benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of API Marketplaces?

A good API marketplace offers several benefits:

Wider Audience

API marketplaces allow developers to showcase their APIs to a wider audience. As a result, thousands of potential buyers worldwide can see and buy your API.


You can offer your API on a marketplace with different pricing and subscription plans and earn money. Many API providers also offer a free plan to allow users to test and try the API’s features.

Helps API Developers To Improve APIs

A good marketplace allows API sellers to track the performance of their APIs by providing analytics, statistics, etc. It also allows API producers to get valuable consumer feedback regarding the API’s features and performance, and improve their APIs accordingly.

Easy to Use

API marketplaces are usually simple and easy to use. Some marketplaces also provide guides, training materials, online events, etc., to help API providers easily develop and publish their APIs.

Benefits For API Consumers

  • Developers looking for different APIs for their projects can easily explore an API marketplace to find their desired APIs in one place.
  • Consumers can choose from different pricing plans – some marketplaces also have APIs with free plans.
  • Detailed documentation of APIs makes it quick and easy for developers to integrate the APIs into their apps.

Which Is The Best API Marketplace For Showcasing APIs?

APILayer API marketplace

When it comes to choosing the best API marketplace for showcasing and monetizing your APIs, APILayer is definitely the right choice. APILayer is a cloud-based API and SAAS provider which launched its marketplace in February 2022.

Some of the key features of the APILayer API marketplace include the following:

  • Offers 75+ secure and scalable REST APIs
  • Freedom to create different pricing plans for your APIs
  • All APIs come with a free plan, so that users can try the API features (no credit card is required)
  • Allows API providers to reach broader audiences
  • Handles customer acquisition, rate limits, key management, memberships, and payment collection processes for you
  • Takes just 15% of the revenue as compared to standard 20%
  • All APIs are reviewed in detail before they are listed on the marketplace
  • New APIs are constantly added to the marketplace

To list your API on the APILayer marketplace, you first need to submit your API with details, such as the API name, a short description of the API, and the URL of the API documentation. The documentation should consist of all the API endpoints and sample responses, and be made using the Postman or Open API format.

APILayer will first review your API to ensure it meets the required quality standards. Once your API is approved, you can list it with pricing details.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular APIs of APILayer Marketplace?

Zenserp API – An easy-to-use API for scraping SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

Filestack API – A fast and reliable file upload API

Ipstack – An efficient IP to geolocation API

Email Verification API – An API for the verification and validation of email addresses

Weatherstack – Real-time and historical weather data API

APILayer also offers many other APIs, including currency, phone number lookup, and images.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is there a free API Marketplace?

APILayer marketplace offers a wide range of APIs, and all the APIs come with a free plan.

Where can I sell APIs?

You can sell your API on an efficient and reliable API marketplace like APILayer. API marketplaces give you access to broader audiences.

What are API Marketplace examples?

Some of the best API marketplaces include APILayer, RapidAPI, Saasify, and Rakuten.

Sign up for APILayer and try its fantastic APIs today!


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