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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Exchange Rate API?

Currency is an integral part of all business operations. In order to make informed trade decisions, business owners operating in the international market need to be aware of rapidly changing currency rates. This is where an exchange rate API comes into play. Building a currency converter with Ajax also streamlines the process of providing investors and business owners with correct conversion rates in a single click.

Over the past decade, APIs have garnered massive attention and adoption — they are essential for the progression of any business. APIs are popular because they allow distinct apps to seamlessly communicate with each other. As a result, they save developers from repetitive tasks and increase their overall productivity by focusing their energy where it is needed most. In addition, they help companies to automate services to provide value and a great customer experience.

This article is about the currencylayer API, an exchange rate API that provides developers with robust data and conversion features.

What is an Exchange Rate API?

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An Exchange Rate API lets developers easily integrate currency exchanges and conversions into their applications. They help investors make profitable trade deals by providing real-time currency stats and conversion rates. Currencylayer is among the best exchange rate APIs. It processes data from thousands of banks around the globe to generate reliable results with a single click. Currencylayer is a tool that converts currency and exchanges instantly. This saves developers time and increases their efficiency. It saves businesses the hassle of searching for currency rates or worse, making uninformed decisions. 

Here is how currencylayer can help your business.

Why is Currencylayer Revolutionary?

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Currencylayer is revolutionary because it is easy to integrate into banking apps or transaction portals. It updates exchange rates every 60 seconds so that investors always have the latest rates at hand. Every currency rate fluctuates no matter how stable the currency is. As a result, real-time information is the only way to stay ahead of your competitors. 

Here are some reasons why currencylayer API beats the competition:

Does Currencylayer Support Multiple Currencies? 

Currencylayer supports multiple currencies. These include the US Dollar or British Pounds. Currencylayer also provides all currency information in a single API. This means that you don’t waste time searching for different currencies on different exchanges. In addition, currencylayer sources its data from thousands of reputable banks, financial institutions, and exchanges. With this information, traders can analyze current rates. They can also observe past trends to help them predict if a currency is about to rise or fall.

Is it Easy to Use?

Currencylayer is fairly easy to use, and your developers can seamlessly integrate it into the application or website of your choice. In the case of technical hurdles or issues, they can refer to the detailed API documentation. Currencylayer integrations come with additional perks like a dashboard, default currency selection, and historical trend analysis.

How is Currencylayer so Safe?

Currencylayer guarantees that you never have to deal with any security vulnerabilities or difficulties with security protocols like industry-grade bank-level encryption and HTTPS connections. This boosts productivity by minimizing the time you spend ensuring your data is secure.

Why is Currencylayer the Top Choice?

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Currencylayer is a real-time JSON API that supports 168 global currencies and works with any programming language or application. It ensures comprehensive protection by providing accurate and dependable currency rates, and failsafe security mechanisms such as industry-standard HTTPS. Users can also study historical data to 2008 to identify trends and declines in a certain currency. 

Currencylayer also allows users to track their API consumption and receive notifications when resources are running low. It offers 250 free requests every month, with extra features beginning at $9.99 per month. We recommend using currencylayer as it is wholly unique and superior to all other Exchange rate APIs available in the market. 

Why Choose Currencylayer?

One look at the pros and cons and it is clear that Currencylayer is the best currency exchange API.  It consistently outperforms the competition by offering ground-breaking features at a competitive price. It also has features and benefits that no other API on the market can match. Currencylayer ensures safe and secure datastreams by connecting using industry-standard HTTPS. It can also send real-time changes in as little as 60 seconds, which is incredible. Finally, it offers dependable currency rates and extra features such as historical rates and the ability to adjust source currencies.

Over 250,000 firms worldwide trust currencylayer, including Disney, Lyft, and TeamViewer. It also has a flourishing support staff that can assist you with any questions you have while implementing the protocol. Finally, it offers excellent value at $9.99 a month for many features and benefits that no other currency conversion API can match. Currencylayer is a top-of-the-line solution for professionals all across the world, and you will not be disappointed if you choose it. So, what are you waiting for?

An excellent exchange rate API offers you accurate and up-to-date information and converts and exchanges currencies quickly and securely. Join us now and take your trades to the next level. 

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