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Exploring the Web3 API

The most talked about topics on the internet lately are about the internet and the future of the internet. The concept that has been put forward as Web3 is one of the concepts that have come into our lives lately, but we are not aware of it. The digital revolution is happening so fast that it sometimes makes our heads spin. However, as evolution takes place at this speed, those who cannot keep up…
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Everything You Need To Know About API Tokens

The increase in the use of API has led to many conveniences in software development processes. It is one of the easiest ways to exchange data. The increase in the use of API also brought some problems. The most important of these is API security. If you are developing an…

Design Patterns For Modern Web APIs

Today, as the use of APIs increases, their importance has increased in the same direction. Although APIs seem to carry only data in today’s projects, many processes are carried out on the back side of the API. Such as security of this API, logging of data, different…