A Step-By-Step Guide to IP By Location

Today’s software emphasizes personalization. By narrowing in on its user’s specific needs and wants, a piece of software can significantly improve its value proposition.  There are many ways to achieve this, and one of the more popular involves using the user’s location information. A user’s location provides vital insight into their needs and how and how they will…
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10 Signs You Should Invest In An Exchange Rate API

For most people, money is simply a means to an end. They go to work, get paid, and exchange their money for goods and services at local shops and online retailers. Many don’t give much thought to currencies save the one they get paid with. But businesses, especially online businesses, need to handle currency on a global scale.  At the heart of a global economy is the idea of the…
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Will Automation Through APIs Ever Rule The World?

Our primary motivation for inventing and constantly improving machines has always been to make our work more efficient. Fundamentally, all we wanted or expected from a machine we designed was that it make our lives easier. As we got better at making and designing machines and our technology got more advanced, however, something changed. We decided it was time to teach the machines to complete…
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What You Need To Know About API Security

Most software systems that communicate over a network use an API at some level. In fact, many applications base their underlying communication system entirely on APIs. This practice begs the question — Are APIs good or secure enough to serve the purpose? Of course, whether or not you use APIs is only a small part of the big picture. After all, APIs only allow you to access…
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