Enhance Your Business Intelligence With Reliable Screenshot Automation

In today’s world, business intelligence is greatly inspired by truthful facts and figures from third-party credible sources that are experts in a given domain. Not just that, but the digital world demands that the arguments must be supported by relevant evidence that is enough to prove the credibility of the information. Screenshots are one of the possible ways to achieve…
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5 APIs You Can Use To Collect Business Intelligence

In recent years, where more and more technological innovations are taking place, data has appeared to be an essential by-product. According to research, every day we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data on average. This data, if studied and analyzed properly, can provide…

6 Ways You Can Enhance Security Around Your Websites

Every advancement in technology, especially the web and network space, brings along a huge risk of security vulnerabilities that can cause systems to damage and malfunction. In today’s agile world, where the requirements are shaped and reshaped rapidly, we cannot take chance on someone to intervene in our systems and expose the potential weaknesses of our web products.  With all being…
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