What's The Best Python Data Scraping API?

Web data scraping is the process of fetching or reading the contents of a website and collecting information and content from it. Many businesses, whether small or large now rely on web data scraping for reaching more consumers, promote their products, increasing their sales, and more. In this context, automated tools for web scraping and APIs for data extraction are becoming more and more…
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How To Automate Image Optimization

With the everyday use of cell phones with inbuilt digital cameras, we are amassing large volumes of image data by capturing scenes with the smartphone. But what about the old pictures of parents and grandparents who didn’t have cell phones then? If you scramble through…

5 Examples Of Successful Geolocation APIs

The geolocation API gives access to the geographic location of a device. They use one or more parameters to determine a device’s position, including GPS, mobile network location, IP address of a sender, Wi-Fi network or more. These APIs are important for a number of reasons, and you can completely customize your app based on the region or location of your users. For example, you can show…
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Why You Should Focus On Improving IP Geolocation API

Internet of things, edge and mobile devices have taken a pivotal role in our every day lives. The growing importance of these devices is also leading to a rise in the need for geolocation services. Users expect a customized experience based on their geographic location…

Generating PDF Documents: pdflayer Vs. pdfgeneratorapi

The portable document format or pdf is the industry standard for creating and exchanging documents. The format is remarkably versatile. Pdf files can be viewed on all types of devices on almost all operating systems. Whether you are an individual user or a corporate client, you need to have a pdf generation tool readily available to you. If you are looking to integrate pdf generation into…
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