A Step-by-Step Guide To An Exchange Rate API

Exchange rates play an important role for businesses, especially those companies that import raw materials and sell products or services to other countries. For example, if a company buys raw materials from a specific country and its currency depreciates, the company can purchase raw materials at a cheaper rate. However, if the currency appreciates and the exchange rate increases, the company…
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A Beginner's Guide to a Current Weather API

Weather directly affects our lives.  For example, snowfall, heavy rain, and high winds significantly impact outdoor activities, such as hiking or camping.  Similarly, you can’t plan a trip to the beach in heavy rain or snowfall.  However, it isn’t only the…

SOAP vs REST And Why We Choose REST For Our APIs

SOAP and REST are both ways of accessing web services. But, while SOAP is a protocol, REST is an architectural style. This means SOAP cannot use REST, but it can be used by REST as the underlying protocol for web services. Another big difference between these two approaches…

A Beginner's Guide for IP to Geolocation

IP to geolocation is a way to determine the location of your website visitors based on their IP address. With this data, you can provide a personalized user experience by customizing your website’s content based on your customer’s location. For instance, you can redirect visitors to pages specifically translated in their language or display different product offers to users from different…
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5 Helpful Tips for Doing IP to Geolocation

IP to geolocation doesn’t just give you data related to the location of your site visitors. Instead, it’s a way to provide a personalized user experience and improve your conversion rates and business revenue. One of the best ways to get accurate IP to geolocation data…

IP to Geolocation: Expectations vs. Reality

IP to geolocation is an incredibly helpful technology for companies that want to give their users a personalized experience. By using IP to geolocation data, companies can customize the content on their website for customers from a specific continent, county, or city. They can also show different product offers to customers in different locations, and deliver more relevant content by redirecting…
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Serpstack Vs. VALUE SERP – Which is better?

For anyone who wants to improve their website’s SEO ranking and site visibility, scraping SERP (Search Engine Results Page) data is important. However, scraping search results manually can be very time-consuming and can generate inaccurate results. This is because the…

Vatlayer Vs VAT API – Which is better?

For businesses providing goods or services to an international customer base, calculating legally correct VAT rates can be a bit complicated. This is because the VAT percentage owed vary from country to country, and in domestic cases, often from state to state. In addition…