A Complete Guide To Exchange Rates API

The development of technology and the transition of the age to the digital age have increased the number of multinational countries. New job opportunities, new structures have begun to bring people together. As a result of this, it indirectly increased the conversion between different currencies. People nowadays convert between currencies for multiple reason Today, investors and businesses…
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What do you need to know while using the geolocation API?

Companies that provide services on online platforms are trying many methods to increase customer satisfaction. Among these methods, the most used ones integrate IP Geolocation API services into their projects. With IP Geolocation API services integrated into websites and applications, companies increase customer satisfaction by offering content suitable for their users&#8217…
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Build A Currency Conversion SMS Chatbot Using Exchange Rates API, And PHP

Currency conversions have kept pace with the digital age. With the rapid advancement of technology in the digital age, currency conversion transactions have accelerated. Both individual users and small/medium/large businesses convert currency every day for different reasons. Today, it is quite possible to convert hundreds of official currencies around the world in just milliseconds through a…
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Build IP Lookup Website Using ipstack With PHP

In this article, Ipstack’s IP lookup API, which finds and identifies the location of website visitors based on their IP address, will be integrated into the PHP programming language. To access the features and documentation of the ipstack API: https://ipstack.com/ What…

How Much does it cost to build your own API?

What can an API do for my company? Companies often hire programmers to make some of their data or software capabilities available to the public and other businesses. The company creates an API which “exposes endpoints,” a portion of the language they’ve used to build their program. Other programmers can then pull data or functionality from the application. API integrations can be used to…
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