A look back: Major Trends Influenced Software Developers in 2020

With the lockdowns our daily lives may have slowed down, however, technological development did not. In this article, we will look back at some of the major trends that influenced software developers in 2020. Goodbye, 2020​! The year 2020 is almost up and we can’t wait to get rid of it for sure. Even though we had a rough year, a lot of good things happened this year. With lockdowns our daily…
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Best Online Coding Bootcamps of 2021

You can reach your goals with an online coding bootcamp without leaving your home and create new business opportunities in this growing, developing and new business opportunities. Software Development is one of the brightest professions of today and for the near future. Did…

Top 5 APIs of September 2020

Every single API service provides different opportunities for your choice. Just before you deep dive into our marketplace, check out the most powerful 5 APIs we offer to make your life on the web easier. Every single API service provides different opportunities for your…