Supercharge Your User Experience With Python And GEO IP REST Services

What is ipapi, and What Makes it Trusted by 30,000+ Businesses Worldwide? ipapi provides an easy-to-use API interface allowing customers to look at various pieces of information IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are associated with. For each IP address processed, the API returns a total of 47 unique data points, such as location data, connection data, ISP information, time zone, currency and security…
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6 Ways You Can Enhance Security Around Your Websites

Every advancement in technology, especially the web and network space, brings along a huge risk of security vulnerabilities that can cause systems to damage and malfunction. In today’s agile world, where the requirements are shaped and reshaped rapidly, we cannot take chance on someone to intervene in our systems and expose the potential weaknesses of our web products.  With all being…
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