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Exploring the Benefits of Using Free Public APIs

Benefits of the free open APIs

Nowadays, systems and devices communicate with each other through RESTful API. A system simply obtains data by making API calls to another system. With this simple method, it is quite possible to find the API that provides the relevant data from the internet for systems and obtain data. Although most APIs are paid, there are many free public APIs available today.

Their numbers are increasing due to the preference for the use of public API. The increasing popularity of API usage has made it easier to obtain free public APIs. For example, you may need weather data for your project. You can easily find a free weather API on the internet that provides relevant data. You can find many different APIs on the internet that you can use in your projects. In this article, we will mention many topics such as how to obtain free public APIs and what are the advantages.

What is the Free API?

An API or Application Programming Interface is a set of protocols, routines, and tools for building software and applications. A free API is a freely available web service that allows developers to access data submitted by a company or organization. It is possible to obtain data with a simple HTTP request. Most of the free APIs are generally for limited use. Before using a free API, be sure to read its description.

Where to find Free APIs?

There are many ways to find free APIs online. Some of the most popular free API providers are below.

API Marketplace: Websites such as APILayer, RapidAPI, and ProgrammableWeb provide both paid and free APIs. There is the API documentation for each API that API marketplaces provide. Multiple APIs are listed under the API marketplaces.

Company Website: Many companies such as Google and Facebook provide free open APIs on their websites. You can use the free open API on the relevant websites that provide the data you will use in your project.

Open-source Project: One of the most popular places to get free open API is open-source projects. It can be found in code repos like GitHub and Bitbucket. Usually, gain access without requiring any API keys.

APILayer: free extensive API provider

The APILayer is the most popular API marketplace preferred by over 1 million developers today. In other words, it is a simple API service provider that provides the best free APIs. It provides APIs that may be needed for almost any project. All APIs have a free plan and no credit card is required.

For example, you have an application that provides IP geolocation service and you need an API that provides geolocation data. The Ipstack geolocation API in APILayer will meet your need. Also for free. Then to consider another example, you may need news sources for your project. For this, you can use medistack API, which is one of the most popular APIs in APILayer. The use of this and many more APIs will increase in 2023.

Finally, we need an API key to access the APIs available in the APILayer. This also applies to free usage.

What are the Benefits of Using Free Public APIs?

Cost Savings: Using free public APIs provides cost savings in project processes. In addition to using a paid API, there is only a development cost and this is very profitable.

Testing: Free APIs are usually limited. However, free APIs are quite suitable for performing tests on your projects before you get a paid API. If you are not satisfied with the free API, you can avoid the cost by not purchasing the paid API.

Strategic Development and Growth: There is a free API suitable for almost every project. Using these APIs, businesses can gain perspectives and grow. With just one HTTP request, without any cost. For example, the free Ipstack API available at APILayer provides location currency data as well as location data. This means a brand new gain for businesses.


In conclusion, using free public APIs can bring numerous benefits to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Explore many unique APIs, both paid and free, that APILayer provides.


Q: How can I find free public APIs?
A: There are many places to find free public APIs, such as API marketplaces, open-source projects, and developer communities. Some popular API marketplaces include APILayer, Postman, and RapidAPI.

Q: How can I use the free APIs from APILayer ?
A: To use the free APIs from APILayer, you’ll need to sign up for an account and obtain an API key. Once you have an API key, you can use the API by making API calls and passing the API key as a parameter.

Q: Can businesses use the free APIs from APILayer for commercial purposes?
A: They can use the free APIs from APILayer for commercial purposes. But, they may need to upgrade to a paid plan if you exceed the usage limits.

Q: Are the free APIs from APILayer reliable and secure?
A: APILayer provides enterprise-level security and reliability for all of its APIs.

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