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How To Automate Image Optimization

Automate image optimization

With the everyday use of cell phones with inbuilt digital cameras, we are amassing large volumes of image data by capturing scenes with the smartphone. But what about the old pictures of parents and grandparents who didn’t have cell phones then? If you scramble through your old drawers and boxes, you’ll find many old photographs and memories waiting to be discovered again. However, when scanned, you would notice that all these pictures are low quality and need sharpening with crisper colors. It would be extremely tedious to take all the photos individually and enhance them using photo editing software. This calls for a process to automate image optimization.

When it comes to mathematical algorithms for image enhancement, APILayer has excelled in creating high-resolution images from a low-quality ones. APILayer offers a smart image optimization API that takes a low-quality image as input and produces its corresponding high-resolution upscaled image with a higher resolution. Moreover, the APIs are fast and process even larger images efficiently in very little time. All low-quality images, such as those downloaded from the web or your social media account, can be processed using the APILayer’s easy-to-use image enhancement API.

APILayer is a trusted and reliable source for different types of APIs for solving a wide variety of tasks ranging from collecting historical weather data to verifying email addresses. It has implemented the image upscaling and image optimization API using state-of-the-art mathematics, computer vision, and machine learning algorithms. In this guide, we’ll show you how to automate the image optimization process using APILayer’s smart image enhancement APIs. The APIs are easy to use as they are HTTPS-based requests with easy-to-understand parameters.

How Do I Automate Image Optimization?

When it comes to automating your image optimization tasks, one of the first steps in the process is to enhance the image at hand. Fortunately, APILayer offers a smart image enhancement API that turns a low-quality image into a high-quality image. Next, we show you how to call this API from your JavaScript file.

How Do I Use the Image Enhancement API?

APILayer offers a free subscription plan for image enhancement APIs. To start using the image enhancement API, sign up for a free API key. The API key acts as a unique password associated with your account. Once you have the API key, you can add the following code to your JavaScript file. Make sure that you replace MY_API_KEY with your key:

What Is The Response Object Of The Image Enhancement API?

The function fetch() takes the URL of your input image as a parameter. After executing this image processing API query, you’ll get the following response as JSON:

The response to this query contains three JSON keys. The filename key contains the name of the output image file. The filetype key specifies the type of generated image. Lastly, the image_url key in the response JSON contains the URL of the enhanced image. The image generated from the above query is pasted below:

Returned image in an example of how to automate image optimization

What Are The Features Of The Image Returned By Image Enhancement API?

APILayer has implemented the image enhancement API using cutting-edge technology from various fields, including machine learning and computer vision. When provided with a low-resolution image, the smart image enhancement API processes it and returns an image with the following features:

  • The image enhancement API acts as an image upscaler by applying state-of-the-art algorithms.
  • The output image is high-quality image with four times resolution increase.
  • The enhanced image is sharper than the original input image.
  • The output image is an optimized version of the original image.

What Benefits Do I Get If I Automate Image Optimization?

Automating image optimization gives you loads of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Before printing an image, you can enhance its quality to produce high-quality, professional-looking image printouts.
  • Suppose your organization has several consumer items to sell. In that case, you can optimize all the product images using smart image enhancement APIs. There is no longer any need for you to enhance individual images in a photo editing software tediously.
  • When you download pictures from social media, they may be low-resolution and low-quality images. You can process and enhance them through the image optimization API.
  • Suppose you have old photographs developed from photographic films. In that case, you can preserve all your old memories by scanning the old photographs in one place. Next, you can enhance all the images automatically using the APILayer’s smart image enhancement API.

Can I Automate Image Optimization Using Python?

Yes, of course! APILayer’s image optimization API can be used easily in Python. If you are developing a computer vision or machine learning app in Python, here is an example code for writing a query. Again, make sure you replace MY_API_KEY with your corresponding access key.

The result variable stores the response object as JSON with the same keys as described above.

Which Other Platforms Support The Smart Image Enhancement API?

The smart image enhancement API can be called from any framework or programming language you like, provided they support a mechanism for HTTPS-based requests. Call this API from your favorite language or framework, including PHP, Go, Java, Ruby, C, or more.

Where Can I Learn More About APILayer’s Image Optimizer API?

APILayer’s image optimization API is supported by comprehensive documentation. To construct the query, you only need the URL of the input image and your API key. It is also possible to see this API in action right from your web browser’s page by clicking the “Live Demo” button on the API documentation page.

Make the most of APILayer’s leading-edge and innovative technology for enhancing the image quality of all your pictures in your digital library. Head out and sign up for free to begin using the APILayer’s state-of-the-art image optimization API.

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