How To Create An IP Locator And Identifier Using Node And Express

How To Create An IP Locator & Identifier Using Node Express and IPStack API

IP to geolocation gives you information about your customers’ locations throughout the world. It is an excellent way to provide a personalized user experience that will help you increase your conversion rates and business revenue. With geolocation data you can show prices in your customer local currency calculate shipping rates or even adjust your product offering to take advantage of local shopping habits.

How To Get Accurate IP To Geolocation Data?

One of the fastest ways to get the accurate IP to geolocation data is by integrating the ipstack API into your application. By sending a request to the endpoint along with the IP you want to check, you can receive information like:

  • Continent Code
  • Continent Name
  • Country Code
  • Country Name
  • Region Code
  • Region Name
  • City
  • ZIP
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • A set of data on location, time zone, currency, connection, and more!

This is the web application we are going to create:

How To Get Free API Access Key To IPStack Service?

IPStack API gives you a free subscription plan. It has limited features but, they are perfect for testing and learning the API endpoints.

Head over now to the IPStack official web page and get your free API access key!


Why Do I Need IP To Geolocation Data?

IP to geolocation data has many commercial uses.

  • Customize your app content for visitors from a specific location
  • Redirect specific users to special pages of your web app
  • Provide location-specific advertising
  • Prevent fraud by comparing the actual location of your customer and the billing address they provided
  • Show product prices in your users’ local currency
  • Detect the threat level of a user
  • Detect proxy or Tor use

How do I use the IP Lookup Endpoint?

IPStack API has several features. They include:

  • Requester IP Lookup – Checks the requester’s IP address
  • Bulk IP Lookup – Processes multiple IP addresses
  • Checking the specific IP address – looks up a single IP address in real time
  • Configurable Response Fields – tailor your request to only show the response data you need  
  • Configure Response Language – you can get your data in several languages

In this demo application, we will use the Standard IP Lookup:

Now it is time for the demo application.

How do I create & initialize the Node.js web app?

Make sure that you have Node.js installed on your machine.

Here you can see the commands you need to execute on the command line to create an empty folder, initialize with the app.js main file.

For a better development experience, it is better to configure Nodemon. Nodemon reloads the project when the changes are made to the source code.

Here you can see the change you need:

This is the project structure.

Copy the required static files from here.

This is how you run the application:

This is the final result. Check out the full source code here.

Be sure to head over and get your free IPStack API access key right now!