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How To Create Email Validation Service With NodeJS

How To Create Email Validation Service Using MailboxLayer API with NodeJS

The accuracy and legitimacy of email addresses are highly important for effective communication, be it for personal or business purposes. Why is this important? It’s pretty simple really. As a marketer, you spend time creating and maintaining an ever-growing email database. If you regularly send emails to invalid addresses, you could run into trouble. ISPs monitor email senders and high bounce rates result in a lower email score.  When that happens, ISPs will begin treating your email address as Spam and all your emails will start going to your recipient’s Spam folder. By using Node.js and the mailboxlayer API, developers can create a solution which can be used to verify email addresses. This email address validation API will help improve email deliverability and safeguard against undeliverable emails. This article explores the process of creating an email validation service, exploring the email verification process and the tools needed to execute it effectively.

How to Find a Good Email Validation Service

When selecting an Email Validation Service, several key features should be considered to guarantee the best performance. 

  • Firstly, the service must effectively identify invalid email addresses. This will help validate email addresses from various email service providers. It will also eliminate the risk of bounced emails and safeguard the sender’s reputation.
  • It must be capable of handling bulk email verification efficiently while maintaining accuracy. 
  • It should be able to smoothly integrate with existing systems, whether through direct integration or APIs. This will improve usability. 
  • It must be a service which offers email verification tools, including detection of disposable emails and high-risk addresses, along with syntax checking and domain validation.
  • The service should include user-friendly interfaces and flexible pricing options, such as pay-as-you-go or monthly subscriptions, to contribute to a positive user experience. 

Among the top solutions, mailboxLayer API stands out for its reliability, scalability, extensive features and reliable email validation process. The above reasons make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to improve email deliverability and improve marketing campaigns.

How to Use Mailboxlayer API?

If you are new to mailboxlayer API, you can always opt for the free subscription plan which gives you up to 250 API requests per month. After you sign up, you can make call requests to the API endpoint. Given below is an example of a request call with a response.


The email verifier checks if an email address exists or not

As you can see, using the API is quite straightforward.

How to Do Bulk Mail Checks?

The bulk email check endpoint is available for higher subscriptions. For example, with a Professional Plus subscription, you can search up to 25 email addresses, and with the Enterprise Plus plan, you can search up to 100 email addresses. Therefore mailboxlayer can easily be called a bulk email verification service as well.

How to Do a Syntax Check?

When you send a request, it is better to use an email syntax checker that verifies the format. The API sends a format_valid JSON object that shows the result of your check.

Want to know more? You can learn all the functionality in the official documentation here.

Step-by-Step Guide for Creating an Email Validation Service

Now let’s start creating an Email Validation Service with Node.js and the mailboxLayer API. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you build a reliable validation system which will ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of email addresses while maintaining sender credibility.

Step 1: Prerequisites

Before we start validating email addresses with Node.js and the mailboxLayer API, make sure you have a basic understanding of JavaScript and Node.js fundamentals. Additionally, sign up for an account with mailboxLayer to obtain API credentials.

Step 2: Install Node.js

If you haven’t already, download and install Node.js from the official website. Node.js will serve as the runtime environment for our email validation service. This will allow us to execute JavaScript code outside of a web browser.

Step 3: Set up Node.js with Mailboxlayer API

Next, follow the commands below to initialize a simple NodeJS app and configure the entire project.

Open your terminal and type the command below to install the required node packages.

Here is the project structure. You should download or copy the static files first.

Finally, you need to install nodemon. With nodemon, you can easily develop NodeJS apps. Restart nodemon immediately after you make changes.

Type the following command to install nodemon.

After that, go back and copy this code:

As you can see in the code, you can send any email address as a string to the request URL to check it on localhost:

http://localhost:2323/check/[email protected]

You are done! Here you can see our demo in action: (Check out the full source code here)

Now we can verify emails using the email verification software

Why is Mailboxlayer API Better than Other Options?

The MailboxLayer RESTful web service is feature-rich and developer-friendly. It is a brilliant email verification tool that provides many email verification services. A few of its many features are discussed below.

The MailboxLayer RESTful web service is feature-rich and developer-friendly. Given below are certain features which are provided by mailboxlayer.

  • Syntax checking
  • Typo checking
  • SMTP verification
  • Disposable and free email provider filtering 
  • Email quality checking
  • Quick removal of disposable email services using an email provider database. 

Therefore by using mailboxlayer API, you can 

  • Reduce your bounce rates
  • Clean your email list
  • Increase your email deliverability
  • Defend your organization’s reputation


Accurate email validation is very important for many professions such as email marketing. By using email validation tools like the mailboxlayer API, email marketers can improve email deliverability and the sender reputation while reducing bounce rates. With its user-friendly interface and direct integration capabilities, mailboxlayer simplifies bulk email validation, making it desirable for marketing campaigns. From sign-up forms to bulk email address verification, mailboxlayer enables marketers to maintain high-quality email lists, which contribute to improving sender scores and campaign effectiveness. This makes mailboxlayer the best email verification service available right now. Therefore head over now and get your free email verification plan on MailboxLayer!

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