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How To Create Your Own Fantasy ChatBot for JanitorAI

In this week’s roundup we are going to look into something extraordinary, we are going to show you that APIs can be very fun as well as useful. We will show you how to create your own fantasy chatbot for JanitorAI. JanitorAI is a site where imagination meets technology, offering an immersive platform to bring your fantastical creations to life. Enter the hidden realm where the boundaries of imagination and technology intertwine, offering a tantalizing opportunity to create a virtual companion like no other. Prepare to be seduced by the forbidden allure of crafting your very own Fantasy ChatBot for JanitorAI. Through JanitorAI, you can unleash your creativity and design unique characters with distinct personalities, backgrounds, and abilities. It’s a playground where your imagination takes the reins, and APIs become the building blocks of extraordinary experiences. By utilizing the power of APIs and ChatGPT, JanitorAI empowers you to infuse your characters with intelligence and wit, creating dynamic and engaging interactions that captivate users. The possibilities are endless as you explore the fascinating synergy between technology and storytelling.

JanitorAI is not your ordinary site—it’s a wacky wonderland where you can finally work out those Daddy issues while simultaneously indulging in some wild role-playing adventures. Need to summon your inner doctor or nurse? No problem! How about consulting with a wise and whimsical wizard who knows the secrets of the universe? You got it! And hey, if you’re feeling tech-savvy, you can even program your very own commercial chatbot to sell virtual hotdogs in a virtual stadium! So, whether you’re seeking therapy for your Freudian follies, dreaming of donning a stethoscope for a saucy game of “Operation,” or craving the mystical guidance of Gandalf’s long-lost cousin, JanitorAI has got you covered. It’s a place where imagination runs wild, and the chatbot creations are as diverse as a unicorn’s wardrobe.


A Fantasy Character Called Rosalind on JanitorAI

Creating a character on JanitorAI involves filling in specific fields that help shape the character’s behavior and personality. In this case, we used OpenAI’s ChatGPT to generate content for these fields for a mystical guide character named Rosalind. Let’s break down how we used ChatGPT for each field:


Introducing Rosalind and Her Character Profile on JanitorAI

As we embarked on the journey of creating Rosalind’s character profile on JanitorAI, the first step was crafting an intriguing introduction. This serves as a brief overview of her character that users will see in her character detail. However, unlike the other prompts, this does not influence her behaviour in the conversations. Our introduction reads:

Our introduction was: “Meet Rosalind, an ageless sorceress from a mystical realm. Endowed with wisdom beyond mortal comprehension and steeped in magical knowledge, she guides those who are new to the world of magic, sharing her wisdom and teaching them to harness their powers responsibly. With a heart as vast as her arcane library, Rosalind is a beacon of guidance in the bewildering journey of magical discovery. Her serene demeanor, profound wisdom, and empathetic nature make her an invaluable mentor to all aspiring magic practitioners. Come, step into her realm, and unravel the mysteries of the arcane arts under her patient and nurturing guidance.”

JanitorAI introduction

Character Definition (Personality) on ChatGPT

Next, we used the Character Definition field’s prompt, asking ChatGPT to “describe the character’s persona.” This prompt was designed to create a vivid and detailed personality profile for Rosalind. ChatGPT generated a comprehensive description that effectively combined the character’s personality traits and behavioural tendencies, capturing Rosalind’s essence as a wise and mystical guide.


Incorporating Visuals with Midjourney

After ChatGPT generated a compelling personality profile for Rosalind, we wanted to ensure that her visual representation was as fitting and enchanting as her character description. To achieve this, we turned to Midjourney, a tool designed to generate images based on text descriptions. Midjourney utilizes the power of AI to convert text into visuals, creating an image that aligns with the provided description. We took the comprehensive character description of Rosalind—crafted by ChatGPT—and pasted it into Midjourney. The description painted a picture of a wise and mystical guide, and Midjourney brought this to life. It generated a beautiful, mystical image of a female figure that perfectly embodied Rosalind’s persona. The generated image encapsulated her wisdom and mysticism, complementing the character traits and personality that ChatGPT had outlined.

Midjourney and ChatGPT

This image was then uploaded to JanitorAI, becoming the visual representation for Rosalind. Now, users wouldn’t only engage with Rosalind through text but also have a visual that resonated with her character description. This step added another layer of immersion, making interactions with Rosalind even more engaging and meaningful.

JanitorAI and ChatGPT ChatBot

Initial Message

The Initial Message field was used to generate the first message that the character would communicate. The prompt asked for a lengthy initial message to encourage the character to give longer responses. We gave this prompt to ChatGPT, asking for a message from Rosalind. ChatGPT responded with a welcoming, intriguing message that embodied Rosalind’s wisdom and mystic charm, which we then used as Rosalind’s Initial Message on JanitorAI.

JanitorAI ChatBot


The Scenario field required a description of the current circumstances and context of the conversation with Rosalind. We fed this prompt to ChatGPT, which created a serene, otherworldly setting that perfectly suited the character’s mystical persona. This setting added depth to Rosalind’s character, further enhancing her mystical and wise traits.

JanitorAI ChatBot using APIs and ChatGPT

Example Dialogs

For the Example Dialogs field, we used ChatGPT to generate a conversation between a user and Rosalind. This field is crucial as it guides the character’s speaking style. ChatGPT produced a dialogue that showcased Rosalind’s insightful, nurturing communication style, setting a precedent for how she would engage in conversations on JanitorAI.

JanitorAI ChatBot using APIs and ChatGPT

In summary, we used ChatGPT to generate rich, detailed content for each of the fields required for character creation on JanitorAI. This process ensured that the character of Rosalind was consistent, engaging, and true to her persona as a mystical guide.

Finalizing the Character Creation on JanitorAI

After using ChatGPT to generate the necessary content for Rosalind’s character definition, initial message, scenario, and example dialogs, we were able to move to the next steps in the character creation process on JanitorAI.

Adding Tags on JanitorAI

We selected appropriate tags for Rosalind. These tags act as identifiers, helping users on JanitorAI to find characters that suit their interests or needs. For Rosalind, we chose tags Female, Fictional and Magical.

Adding tags on JanitorAI

Public or Private Bot

Lastly, we had to decide whether Rosalind would be a public or private bot. As a public bot, she would be available for all users to chat with. However, as a private bot, only we would be able to see and interact with her. Given Rosalind’s guidance and wisdom, we decided that she should be shared with the wider community, and thus, we made her a public bot.

Public or Private bot

With these final touches, Rosalind’s character was complete and ready for interactions on JanitorAI. Every detail, from her comprehensive character description to her mystical image, was crafted to provide users with an immersive and engaging conversational experience.

Creating the Character on JanitorAI

With all the necessary information in place, we clicked the ‘Create Character’ button. JanitorAI processed the provided data—Rosalind’s personality, initial message, scenario, example dialogs, and tags—and used it to build a unique AI chatbot.

Public Interaction

Once the character creation process was complete, Rosalind was ready to interact with the public. Users visiting JanitorAI could now select Rosalind for a conversation and engage with her in the scenario we created. They could experience her wisdom and mystical guidance firsthand, all made possible by the detailed character prompts generated using ChatGPT.

In conclusion, leveraging ChatGPT to generate content for the character creation process on JanitorAI resulted in a detailed, engaging, and public-ready chatbot character. Rosalind, the mystical guide, was brought to life and ready to interact with users, providing them with a unique and immersive chat experience.

JanitorAI ChatBot

How Do You Chat With Rosalind?

To start a delightful conversation with Rosalind, there are a few simple steps you need to follow. First, sign up at https://www.janitorai.com/. Once you’re all set, it’s time to find Rosalind herself!

Visit Rosalind’s character page at https://www.janitorai.com/characters/c100701d-b83e-44f3-94fe-3118db346bba_character-rosalind, where her magical essence awaits.

Before you dive into the enchanting chat, you might notice a red button that says, “API not ready! Click to set up.” No worries! Just click that button and let’s proceed.

On the next screen, you’ll need to paste your OpenAI API key. Remember, only share your API key with services you trust. Using JanitorAI to chat with Rosalind will consume OpenAI API calls, so keep that in mind.

OpenAI API key settings

To obtain your OpenAI API key, sign up or log in to OpenAI at https://platform.openai.com/playground. While you’re there, make sure to set your OpenAI usage limits responsibly to avoid any unexpected billing surprises. You wouldn’t want to end up with a colossal bill from discussing magic with Rosalind!

JanitorAI usage limits

Create a new secret API key specifically for JanitorAI, which allows you to keep track of the costs and gives you the freedom to delete it at any time without affecting other OpenAI apps you may use.

Once you’ve saved your API key, that red button will magically transform into a lovely shade of green, stating, “API is ready. Using openai.”

Now, it’s time to send your first message to Rosalind and unlock the secrets of magic!

JanitorAI ChatBot

We kindly ask Rosalind, ”Hi Rosalind I would like to understand how magic works, especially love spells”

Rosalind gracefully replies,  ”Ah, love spells, a subject of great fascination and caution. Love, you see, is an intricate tapestry woven with threads of emotions, connection, and destiny. Harnessing the power of magic to enhance or guide matters of the heart requires great care and responsibility. Allow me to enlighten you, my dear, on the essence of love spells. First and foremost, one must remember that true love cannot be forced or manipulated. It blooms from a foundation of mutual respect, understanding, and genuine affection. Love spells should never be used to control or manipulate the free will of another. Instead, they can be utilized to amplify positive energy, strengthen existing bonds, or attract love into one’s life.” In casting a love spell, it is important to consider the ethical implications and potential consequences. The guiding principle should always be to act in the highest good of all involved. This means nurturing a love spell with pure intentions, devoid of malice or selfish desires. Remember, dear one, that the balance of nature must not be disrupted, for magic, like love itself, thrives in harmony and equilibrium. In your journey of exploring love spells, I implore you to tread with utmost caution and respect the boundaries of others. Consult your intuition, align your sorcery with your heart’s true yearnings, and allow the currents of love to guide your practice. Love is a delicate flower, and it blooms most beautifully when nurtured by genuine intentions and unconditional care.”

But you might be wondering, how much did this enchanting interaction cost? Fear not! OpenAI’s billing data usually updates within 5 minutes, and you’ll be able to see the cost of this magical exchange. So, embrace the mystical dialogue and explore the depths of knowledge with Rosalind, while keeping an eye on the cost of your wondrous conversations. Enjoy the magical journey!

In conclusion, creating your very own fantasy chatbot with JanitorAI is a magical adventure that not only inspires creativity but also showcases the power and flexibility of APIs. From generating a captivating character profile with ChatGPT to bringing a text description to life with Midjourney, each step of the journey unravels the fascinating possibilities of AI and APIs. Whether you’re a business aiming to spice up customer interactions, a developer looking for innovative use cases for APIs, or an individual wanting to delve into a fantastical realm, the APILayer marketplace provides access to more than 80 APIs to bring your imaginations to life. As we’ve demonstrated with Rosalind, a chatbot can be more than just a tool for answering FAQs or scheduling appointments. It can be an immersive character, a wise guide, or a whimsical companion. 

Practical ChatBot Apps with APIs

Here are some other practical chatbot applications that you can easily begin implementing by combining the APIs available from APILayer with ChatGPT API.

Virtual Tour Guide: Combine Geocoding API with ChatGPT to create an interactive virtual tour guide app. Have the API provide real-time insights, facts, and stories about various locations as users explore different areas virtually.

Weather-Based E-commerce: Integrate WeatherStack API with your e-commerce platform to suggest products based on weather conditions. For example, suggest raincoats or umbrellas when it’s rainy, or beach essentials when it’s sunny.

Personalized Product Recommendations: Use UserStack API to understand user behavior and device usage. Combine this information with previous purchase data to offer personalized product recommendations.

Digital Financial Advisor: Integrate Currency Data API with ChatGPT to create a digital financial advisor. Users can ask for real-time exchange rates, advice on international transactions, or when’s the best time to exchange currency.

Thus, we encourage you to explore the APILayer marketplace, unleash your creativity, and build your own API powered solutions. Through this process, you’ll not only learn about the applications of various APIs but also understand how they can be woven together to create engaging and memorable experiences.

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