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How To Integrate Stock Market Data Into Native Cross-Platform Apps?

If you are going to utilize worldwide stock market data in your system, the MarketStack API can help you to easily fetch real-time, intraday, and the historical stock market in seconds.

You can obtain real-time stock market data for any ticker down to the minutes, also you can do send a request for intraday quotes and 30+ years of stock market data available. Marketstack also pairs great with our currency exchange rate api.

Simple, Quick, Reliable, and Huge Global Exchange Coverings

MarketStack API can be easily integrated with any software development environment. It provides 170,000+ worldwide stock tickers, collected from 70 global exchanges, including Nasdaq, NYSE, and more.

Moreover, the free subscription plan offers you to play with MarketStack API and try out all features. This is a good opportunity to explore all the features for free.

How to integrate MarketStack API?

The MarketStack API is built upon a RESTful and easy-to-understand request and response structure. API requests are always sent using a simple API request URL with a series of required and optional HTTP GET parameters. 

Before everything else, you need to get your free API access key. And then you can send requests to the endpoint:


MarketStack API Features

You can utilize the eod endpoint of the API to obtain end-of-the-day data for one or multiple stock tickers.

In addition to that, to obtain intraday data, you can use the API’s intraday endpoint and specify your preferred stock ticker symbols.

Besides, you can get real-time, historical data, and more. You can learn all of the endpoints in the official documentation of the MarketStack API.

Moreover, with the currencies API endpoint, you can look up all currencies supported by the MarketStack API. 

How to integrate APIs into the low-code cross-platform application?

RAD Studio offers a set of flexible and powerful development tools and a great Delphi programming environment to build native and cross-platform applications with low-code experience.

FireMonkey App Low Code Wizard – a tool for increasing development time several times faster. With the wizard, you can create a fully functional cross-platform application with different screens and database functionalities. Furthermore, you will have all the power to customize it as much as you can with Delphi programming.

Well, if you want to integrate any RESTful web service into your Delphi FireMonkey application you can go with the REST Debugger.

REST Debugger is a tool to connect any type of RESTful web service and after successfully connecting to the web service, you can just click Copy Components and drop them to your Delphi project.

How to build a native and cross-platform app in Delphi?

FireMonkey framework lets you build native and cross-platform applications under 30 seconds with marvelous FireMonkey App Low-Code Wizard!

FireMonkey App Low Code Wizard – is a wizard which generates Delphi and FireMonkey powered cross-platform applications in no time with different screens and database functionality. This gives you a quick start for your project. Moreover, the generated code shows you how to utilize trending and modern designing and coding techniques around Delphi and FireMonkey.

Get the Delphi Community Edition right now and install the FireMonkey Low Code Wizard from GetIt Package Manager and start building multi-platform apps!

How to integrate APIs into Delphi FireMonkey?

In this demo, we achieve this result without any coding! (2 lines of code only)

We will use Visual binding and REST Debugger features to handle all of them. And here, for this demonstration part, I found that a brief video tutorial is easy to follow.

Be sure to watch and learn how


I hope you learned so much about MarketStack API and especially now you know how to create a native and cross-platform application with integrating RESTful web services without coding using Delphi and FireMonkey.

Check out the whole project in this repository.

Head over to get your free subscription plan on MarketStack!

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