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How To Use A Google Search Engine API?

how to use google search engine API on pc

APIs or Application Programming Interfaces are interfaces or software intermediaries that provides a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other and offer services to other pieces of software. Google Search Engine API lets you retrieve search results from Google. Moreover, today’s world is driven by APIs with a vast array of uses. Google Search is no exception. Google is perhaps the most visited website in the world, so many APIs are inevitably available. In addition, some of the top search engine API frequently allow you to create websites and programs to access SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). So programmers must know how to use google search engine API.

Furthermore, these APIs can prove very helpful in retrieving search results for certain criteria based on the user’s preferences. Moreover, Using such APIs makes it possible to access and evaluate keyword patterns and search result distributions, which is useful for SEO projects and business competition analysis. In addition, these APIs can also aid in the automation of some SEO operations. Naturally, in this article, we shall look at the best search engine API, its uses, and its features. So let’s get started.

What Is The Importance Of SERP?

how to use google search engine API for your device

SERP is an abbreviation for search engine results page. As the name suggests, the term refers to the content you see when entering a certain page on a search engine. However, the term SERP does not refer to a single search engine. Users can get SERPs from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Moreover,  these days no two SERPs are alike. Instead, they are tailored to each user. As a result, when searching on different devices or from different places, you may get different results.

Although each search engine’s SERP is different, Google is the most popular, accounting for more than 80% of the market.

You may already know that visitors won’t visit your website if they can’t locate it. As a result, users must concentrate on reaching the top of the SERPs. Your ranking can significantly influence the success of your digital marketing campaign. Thus, it’s easy to see why most Internet users prefer to select an option from the first page of results. As a result, a higher SERP rating ensures that your website receives more traffic. Hence, SERP has become a potent tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEOs).

What Is Zenserp?

how to use google search engine API on laptop

Zenserp is a SaaS platform that offers an easy-to-use API for extracting JSON-formatted Google search engine data. The Zenserp platform delivers developers a simple, fast, and worldwide Google search API.

In addition, Zenserp enables its users to obtain accurate and geolocated search engine results to help you target specific regions. Moreover, Zenserp is highly scalable, able to provide maximum performance, and is a highly optimized, robust, and fast infrastructure. Plus, its affordable pricing makes it a popular choice among developers. Zenserp’s free plan allows for 50 searches each month. Additional monthly and yearly options are available from Zenserp. The cheapest package allows 5,000 searches per month, while the most expensive allows for 120,000. Visit Zenserp’s official documentation to learn more.

How To Use Zenserp?

how to use google search engine API on device

The first step to using the Zenserp API is creating an account on Zenserp and obtaining a unique API token key. 

How To Do API Authentication?

After setting up your account, Zenserp will send you an email to verify your email address. Next, Zenserp will generate an API key for you after validating your email address. Each API key is unique for its user. Therefore you mustn’t share it with anyone. However, if your API key does get leaked, changing the key is very easy with just the click of a button in the API dashboard.

Using the Zenserp API keys, users can access the API. Next,  you can use the following curl command to authorize your API key:

curl "https://app.zenserp.com/api/v2/search" \
-H "apikey: YOUR-APIKEY"

Zenserps provides multiple ways for authenticating your API, which you can learn more about in its official documentation

In addition, for GET requests, you can also use a URL parameter:


Finally, for POST requests, you can use Zenserp’s form field:


How Does The Google Search Endpoint Work?

Image Search, News Search, Shopping Search, and Maps Search are all available through the Google search endpoint. With Zenserp’s API, you can get picture search results using the Google Image Search endpoint. Here is a Python example, which gives all picture results for the search term ‘Pied Piper’:

import requests

headers = {
"apikey": "YOUR-APIKEY"}

params = (
("q","Pied Piper"),

response = requests.get('https://app.zenserp.com/api/v2/search', headers=headers, params=params);

In addition, you can also get video search results using the Google Video Search endpoint. Here is an example in curl that provides video results for ‘Pied Piper’:

curl "https://app.zenserp.com/api/v2/search?apikey=YOUR-APIKEY&q=Star%20Wars&tbm=vid"

Zenserp supports YouTube Search, Trends Search, Bing Search, Yandex Search, and DuckDuckGo Search, in addition to the other Google search endpoints noted above. These endpoints can be used the same way as mentioned in the examples above.

What Other Features Make Zenserp Amazing?

  • Zenserp is a location-based application. This implies you’ll be able to get precise, geolocated search engine results.
  • No matter how high your volume is, Zenserp always offers you great performance. As a result, it’s quite scalable.
  • Furthermore, the API is designed to be as fast as possible. Its Google Search Results API is supported by a robust infrastructure that allows it to offer real-time results.
  • It’s simple to get started. Zenserp is a powerful request builder that turns your ideas into production-ready code snippets.
  • Because any HTTP client can receive data, this SERP API can be utilized with any computer language.
  • Zenserp features a well-documented API that makes it simple to use.

It’s also worth noting that Zenserp is very secure and reasonably priced. Pay only what you require. Choose from Zenserp’s free or custom plans and leave the rest to Zenserp’s servers. Zenserp provides its users with 50 free API calls every month. There are no strings connected!

Are You Ready To Use The Best Google Search Engine API?

how to use google search engine API for you

Search APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) enable you to incorporate search functionality into your application so that users can retrieve and display the information that is most relevant to them. In addition, you may utilize the APIs to create engaging search and discovery experiences for your users on various platforms.

The features of an API, its cost, and its simplicity are all important considerations. Zenserp, fortunately, checks all the boxes.

In its search data, this API strives to emulate human search behavior as much as possible. As a result, the API parameters can be tailored to meet the demands of any individual user. Zenserp, one of the best Google search APIs available, returns not just organic and sponsored search data but also additional SERP types such as answer boxes, featured snippets, maps, top stories, and so on.

Now that you know the best Google Search API and how to use it, put this knowledge into action and click here to start using Zenserp immediately!

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