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IP Targeting: An Important Marketing Tool For Your Business

Marketing can be competitive, but there can be many differences between a customer versus a competitor based on the brand you’re using. Campaigns that aim to attract the right eyes to the right moment and to convey a message. The most important element of successful marketing strategies is personalized. The process focuses on finding specific customers that the company wants to contact. We have also seen this in Data marketing in general, Cookies-based Marketing, and in recent IP targeting & Geofence targeting.

Nowadays, your business’s online networks hugely depend on the latest technologies such as IP targeting to achieve success. IP tracker is one of the most essential marketing tools that help you to access the user’s IP address.

IP address stands for internet protocol address. The IP address of a user can give you information about the personalized user experience on your website. To get spread awareness of your local business, you need to run an IP targeting campaign. This is called digital marketing which helps to target consumers.

In businesses, you run direct mail campaigns to target audiences from different locations.

Through the help of IP addresses, you can direct your customers to pages that are translated into their language. It can also display the date of expiration for deals and sales. Now that you know the importance of IP addresses, you should also know IP targeting works?

So how can you use an IP tracker and which one to use? This is what you will learn in this article. Continue reading!

Why Is It Important To Use An IP Tracker For Getting Customers’ Location? 

If you want to have a successful business, you should give a personalized customer experience. To get it, you need to have the IP address of the customer. 

If you are looking to find answers to how to find someone’s IP address, IP tracking technology can help you. You can get the IP location of your customers and give them customized experiences no matter where they live. 

If you own a shopping website, then using an IP location is quite helpful. Your customers from different parts of the world will be able to know the expiration dates of your products in their local timings. In the same way, you can also show them customized offers.

Keeping these benefits in mind, you can conclude that IP-based locations can help in targeted and location-specific advertising. In simple words, your business gets more sales, profits, engagement, and conversion rates using IP addresses. 

The geolocation data fetched through an IP tracking technology also helps to prevent fraud. You can easily find users hiding their identities. It can also help you to get rid of suspicious transactions made by fake users. 

An IP address is different from a physical address and helps a device to be known globally. It involves targeting consumers from different locations in the world. According to marketing experts, IP-targeted ads tend to enhance marketing in much better and more efficient ways.

Through an IP tracker, you can easily get individual IP addresses and give a personalized customer experience.

You may have a limited marketing budget. Implementing IP trackers can save you money by saving you from the use of traditional media to get more customers.

Why Should You Choose IPStack as The Best IP Targeting API To Get Customers’ Location With IP Address? 

API Layer’s IPStack is an efficient geolocation API with real-time abilities. Through IPStack, you can get the accurate location of your customers whether they are using a PC, laptop, or smartphone. IPStack provides location based on the IP address information. 

The powerful advantage of IPStack is that it provides some useful parameters related to location. These parameters are region, zip code, region code, continent, city, country, longitude, and latitude. 

ip targeting  for your company

The best part is that it can process millions of requests without affecting performance. This proves that it is a powerful and scalable geo-marketing tool. You can use it according to the requirements and needs of your company. 

There are thousands of businesses across the world that benefit from IPStack. Some famous businesses using IPStack are Samsung, Bnb, and Microsoft. Several developers worldwide use IPStack to build successful web applications.

Do you want to know why choosing IPStack can be your best decision ever? Continue Reading!  

Is IPStack Reliable Enough To Give Accurate Location Through IP Targeting? 

If you are using an inaccurate IP-based location, it can negatively affect your marketing campaigns. This statement urges the need to use an accurate location for your business. The best part to know is that IPStack is highly reliable to give you an accurate location for your business. 

IP tracker for your business

IPStack is a recommended IP locator that provides you with consistent and accurate results. It makes use of rock-solid sources to give you data with higher accuracy. However, it doesn’t give the physical location as misunderstood by most users.

For example, IPStack uses ISPs for providing accurate data information. You can find the user’s region, country, or city with consistency and accuracy. This is how you target consumers using IP trackers.

Is It Possible To Get IPV6 and IPV4 data through IP targeting using IPStack?

Businesses that are popular across the globe, use IP locators that can provide data of all addresses. If you are planning to extend your business to international boundaries, it is important to use a tool that can give you IPV4 and IPV6 data. 

By using IPStack, you can get data from more than 2 million locations worldwide. You can cover over 200,000 cities worldwide. 

IPStack’s standard lookup endpoint, you can look up single IPV6 and IPV4 addresses. You can also use its bulk lookup point which helps to get data of up to 50 IP addresses simultaneously. You can save your time as well as efforts using this super feature.

There are multiple technologies that provide access to the user’s accurate location such as you can check IP express. But IPStack is the most reliable option so far. 

Can You Also Get Currency Data Through IPStack? 

Currency data has an important role in businesses. IPStack not only provides you with accurate location data, but it also gives you currency information of returned location.

The returned currency data contains the code, symbol, and name of the currency. 

This is how you present prices of services or products in the user’s local currency at any location worldwide.

ip targeting of customers

What Is the Time Zone Module Of IPStack? 

One of the most useful and super efficient features of IPStack is its time zone module. If you have customers all across the world, you can also get information about their time zone. This is only possible through the timezone module of IPStack. 

This feature works automatically and you don’t need to waste time asking customers to fill out any forms. 

By using this feature, you can improve the Customer’s Experience. You can also enhance marketing and promotional campaigns through IPStack’s time zone module feature.

For example, customers’ local time events are also displayed through the time zone data of IPStack. 

Time zone features of IPStack

You can get GMT offset and current time through IPStack’s time zone module. It also includes a code of returned location through an IP address. So you can now realize what’s an API can do for your business. 

What Are Some Important Features Of IP Targeting Through IPStack? 

Apart from all the features explained above, there are still some other important features. Those features are listed below:

  • There exists a security module to protect your website or web app. You can assess risks and threats that may come through an IP address by using IPStack’s security module. 
  • IPStack supports customer satisfaction and hence you contact its Support team for any kind of assistance. 
  • You can look up one IPV4 or IPV6 address at a time using the standard lookup endpoint of IPStack. You can do it by attaching the desired IPV6 or IPV4 address to the API’s base URL. 
  • An example of making an API request is: 
  • You will get the following result:
  • If you want to use a bulk lookup, then a sample code is: 
  • If you want to use a standard lookup endpoint in PHP cURL, then the code is:
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What is an IP marketing?

IP marketing involves using a reverse IP look up to deliver related content to the consumers. This process works through the help of demographic information.

How do you prevent IP targeting?

There are multiple ways to prevent IP targeting such as installing VPN, using ads blocker, surfing in incognito mode, and switching off cookies.

What does IP stand for?

IP stands for internet protocol.

What does IP stand for in social media?

IP stands for intellectual property in social media.

Does a VPN hide your IP?

Yes. It hides the identity by hiding IP addresses.

What is household IP targeting?

Household IP targeting refers to targeting specific households based on IP addresses.

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