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Live News API: A Complete Guide to Mediastack API

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The news is of close interest to almost every person today. People can follow the news from television, mobile applications, websites, and other technological platforms. These platforms usually get the news data they provide to people from a popular live news API such as the mediastack API.

Popular breaking news API like a mediastack allows people to get the latest news from around the world. So, today, does news live news data only be used on platforms that provide news data to users? In this article, we will first look at the use cases of live news data. Then we will introduce the mediastack API, which is the most popular live news API of recent times. Finally, we will see how we can easily integrate this API into the Golang programming language and obtain live news data.

What are the Use Cases of Live News Data?

In this section, we will examine the most popular use cases for live news data provided by a live news API.

  • News Content: The most common use of live news data today is news platforms owned by media organizations. News platforms offer live news headlines, full texts, news articles, blog articles, news stories, and relevant news to their users. These platforms can provide services on a global scale today.
  • Market Research and Analysis: Live news data can be used for many business market research and analysis. Especially in financial markets, news can have a significant impact on markets. Live news data helps financial analysts, investors, and corporate companies follow market movements, analyze trends and make decisions.
  • Media Monitoring and Crisis Management: Media monitoring tools can follow the news in the media about a particular brand, product, or people using live news data provided by real-time news APIs. This allows brands to monitor their products, reputation, and public image and react quickly in crisis situations.
  • Trend Analysis: One of the popular use cases of live news data is to identify trends related to a particular topic or event. For example, live news data can be used to see how much talk about a topic or brand is on social media and to understand its popularity and relevance.

The Best Live News API: The mediastack API

home page of the mediastack live news api

Today, the accuracy of the data provided by web services that provide live news data is very important. Although there are many live news APIs in the market, only some of them are reliable APIs. The most popular live news API in the market today is the mediastack API. It is also one of the most popular news APIs of the APILayer.

The mediastack has a very comprehensive API that supports more than 7,500 local and global news sources. CNN, BBC, The Guardian, ESPN, and ABC News are just a few of the popular news sources this API supports. It also obtains article content from news outlets. For this reason, it is also known as the article search API.

Discover to analyze the news coverage of the Jonny Depp and Amber heard using mediastack API!

The mediastack API supports 50+ countries and 13 languages. Thanks to its wide scope, businesses using this API can provide international services. Thus, they can attract people from all over the world to their apps and grow their businesses easily.

Finally, this API has a free plan. With this plan, it offers developers and businesses free access to up to 500 API calls per month. Also, this API’s paid subscription plans start at just $24.99 per month for 10,000 API calls.

How to Integrate the mediastack Live News API into the Golang?

Now we will integrate the mediastack API, which is today’s best live news data provider, into Golang. With this application, we will print the live news data from the mediastack API to the console screen of the application. Before developing this application, make sure you have Golang installed on your computer.

Before we start developing the application, we need to register for one of the subscription plans provided by the mediastack API and obtain an API key. Using this API key, we will get the news data from the mediastack API.

After obtaining the API key, let’s open a file named ‘live-news-data-with-the-mediastack.go’ to the file path where we aim to develop the application. Then, let’s put the following code in this Golang file we opened.

With the parameters we add to this code, we will obtain live news data from the ‘sports’ and ‘general’ categories of ‘CNN’ and ‘BBC’ news sources. Before running the application, let’s put our own API key in the ‘ACCESS_KEY’ field and run the application with the code below.

A part of the JSON response we get after running this command is as follows.

json response of the mediastack api


All things considered, live news data is actively used in many businesses today, not just news platforms. In fact, many artificial intelligence applications today work with this data. The popularity of live news APIs that provide this data is increasing day by day. It is possible to easily access all the breaking news around the world with live news APIs with a powerful and extensive news source network.

Register our live news API, and easily get breaking news from more than 7,500 local and global news sources.


Q: Does the mediastack REST API Provide Historical News Data?

A: Yes, it does. There are two main endpoints that the mediastack API provides to its users. These are live news and historical news endpoints. With that historical news endpoint, it can provide its users with historical news data on a specific date and date range.

Q: Do I Need an API Key to Use the mediastack Live News API?

A: Yes, you do. The unique data provided by the mediastack API is only available to registered users. Therefore, to use a free subscription plan, you must also obtain an API key.

Q: Is the mediastack API a Headline News Provider?

A: Yes, it is. The mediastack is a very useful news API that provides information such as news headlines about the news. It also provides detailed fields such as news description, URL, and source.

Q: How Many Worldwide News Sources Does the mediastack Live News API Support?

A: The main reason the mediastack API is ahead of its competitors is the number of worldwide news sources it supports. Today, it supports over 7,500 global news sources from over 50 countries.

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