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Weatherstack.com Vs. Tomorrow.io: Which weather API is the best?

Everybody is interested in the weather, which makes perfect sense since it directly affects our lives — making sure you are prepared for the conditions to come can make the difference between having a really good or a really bad day. Because climate plays such a vital role in our day-to-day lives, weather forecasting technology has seen a rapid increase in both interest and…
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The Future Of Automatic Language Detection Is Artificial Intelligence

Automatic language detection is a technology for determining the language of texts. It is a great use case for artificial intelligence. The detection model can analyze the given text and identify the language. In this way, it can help you to sort information quickly and apply additional layers of language-specific workflows effectively. For example, you can apply the subtitles to a video in the…
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Easily Build Powerful Real-Time Global Aviation Dashboards

Aviation is one of the few industries that deal with high volume, high stake, and high-risk data. It is a complex and complicated medium and deals with hundreds of data points at the same time. Management of airlines and airports, communication across the borders, sync among different airplanes are all the crucial steps involved in day-to-day aviation processes.  Capturing this high volume…
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5 APIs You Can Use To Collect Business Intelligence

In recent years, where more and more technological innovations are taking place, data has appeared to be an essential by-product. According to research, every day we generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data on average. This data, if studied and analyzed properly, can provide…

6 Ways You Can Enhance Security Around Your Websites

Every advancement in technology, especially the web and network space, brings along a huge risk of security vulnerabilities that can cause systems to damage and malfunction. In today’s agile world, where the requirements are shaped and reshaped rapidly, we cannot take chance on someone to intervene in our systems and expose the potential weaknesses of our web products.  With all being…
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