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How Can You Make Money by Developing a Useful API?

If you are developing APIs, let’s find out the different ways you can monetize your API to increase your income. APIs power many significant components of the internet these days; web apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps. This growth attracts many developers to start developing APIs – “Application Programming Interfaces”. This new popular domain allows apps to access functionality…
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Online Coding Classes for Kids

Today a lot of things we do or use are based on code. In this blog post, we will cover how to improve coding skills for kids. Why should kids learn how to code? Today a lot of things we do or use are based on code. While posting Instagram stories, ordering food from your…

Restful API Design Guideline

In this article, we will talk about what to pay attention to while developing Restful API and best practices accepted by many developers. Data sharing between two or more systems has always been a fundamental requirement of software development. Systems have the opportunity…

Create REST API in Laravel with authentication using Passport

In this article, while developing Rest API with Laravel Framework, we will authenticate with Laravel Passport, the official package of Laravel. The concept of authentication has a very important place in application development processes. Different programming languages contain different solutions and approaches in themselves. In this article, while developing Rest API with Laravel Framework, we…
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3 Great Tools to Build A Currency Converter

Currency rates change rapidly.  International businesses need timely, accurate information to keep up with regular fluctuations.  This is because inaccurate rates can hugely affect both individual transactions and your business’s bottom line.  To help you avoid…

10 Ways To Use News And Financial News APIs

Before looking at ways you can use News and Financial New APIs let’s start by getting some perspective on cost and what you actually get for that cost and the difference between getting news from a News API vs getting news in other ways. How Much Do News APIs…

A Beginner's Guide To Using Geo IP API

The Geolocation IP API is one of the best HTML5 APIs for identifying a user’s current geographic location in your web application. This HTML5 feature allows you to view and record the latitude and longitude of your website’s visitors.  JavaScript captures these coordinates and sends them to the server, showing you their current location. With this information, you can…
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20 Ways To Use Geolocation API

A Geolocation API allows a user to provide their location to web applications. Geolocation APIs are necessary for Location Based Services and Location Based Apps. If it is a web service or a phone app that either tells you your location or gives you the location of…