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Phone Lookup API: Everything You Need To Know

NumVerify, phone lookup API

There are more than 7 billion mobile phone users around the world, and this number is increasing!  Mobile phone use is now so common, that your mobile number is linked to your identity — each mobile number is unique to a specific user.  You have definitely already used a two-step verification process that requires your password in addition to a security code sent by SMS to your phone. Because cell phones have become so important, many companies need to validate and verify mobile telephone numbers. This is where a phone lookup API comes into the picture.

 A phone lookup API helps you check telephone numbers and make sure they are authentic. Phone lookup APIs also let you verify a caller’s geographic location. We have put together this guide to help you get started with phone number reverse lookup APIs. It outlines the importance of reverse phone lookups and their various business use cases. Continue reading to discover various applications of telephone APIs and how you can use NumVerify services to look up phone numbers. 

Why Do I Need A Phone Lookup API?

NumVerify: Phone lookup API

Suppose you are developing software for a business or organization, whether small or large. In either case, your database will contain a phone number field. The phone numbers in your database can belong to users, organizations, help lines, or more. You want to keep your database clean by making sure that all data is entered correctly. A phone lookup API helps you validate phone numbers. It enables you to find out the details behind different types of phone numbers. Some APIs even allow you to validate international numbers using international codes. In addition, they let you retrieve the geographical data associated with a given phone number.

What Are The Possible Business Use Cases Of Phone Lookup API?

There are various possible business use cases of phone lookup API. Here are a few examples.

How Can I Fight Fraud Using Phone Lookup API?

Validating a phone number is one way of fighting fraud. When you add a new user to your database, you can check the validity of their phone number. You can verify that user’s phone number against the claimed geographic location. For example, you can verify their country of residence corresponds with their phone number’s country code. By cross-checking a user’s phone number against other data, you can rest assured that you are entering genuine user data into your system.

Can I Identify Callers From Unknown Numbers With Phone Number Reverse Lookup?

Indeed yes! This is one of the great benefits of a phone number lookup API. If you are getting calls from unknown callers, then you can easily identify them using the phone number lookup API. For example, if you are getting calls of harassment or disturbing text messages from an unknown caller, you can use phone number lookup to determine their identity and geographic location. These telephone APIs provide great means to fight against abusing, annoying, or bothering phone calls and SMS messages.

Do Phone Lookup APIs Help Call Centers Promote Their Business?

Again yes! International call centers make use of phone number lookups to put the right agent in touch with each customer. For example, based on the client’s country, a call center can make sure that they have an agent speaking their language when the call is connected. The organization may also offer different services in different regions of the world. Again, in this case, the call center can make sure that customers belonging to a certain region speak only to agents that specialize in that area.

How Does Reverse Phone Lookup Help My Marketing Team?

Validating and verifying phone numbers is important for your marketing team. If you are advertising products or reaching out to current customers with the latest product updates, then you have to make sure that you have the correct phone numbers. Calling customers on invalid numbers is a complete waste of time and resources. A phone lookup API ensures that you maintain a list of reachable and genuine phone numbers.

What Is NumVerify Phone Lookup API?

The NumVerify API is a very simple RESTful API with a JSON response. It enables you to not only validate international and national numbers but also allows information lookup for more than 200 countries across the globe.

What Is An Example Of An API Request Format?

NumVerify has a simple API request format. The base URL for all queries is:

For example, you can look up the number +1(415)858-6273 as follows:

In the above code, the access_key is your API key, and the number parameter is the phone number you want to look up.

What Does NumVerify’s Phone Lookup API’s Response Look Like?

NumVerify returns a JSON object upon successful completion of a query. For example, in response to the phone number+1(415)858-6273,  it returns the following JSON response object:

As you can see, the response object has detailed information about the phone number of the query. It has the country, location, carrier information, and more.

What Is The Line Type Field In NumVerify’s Response Object?

The line_type key in the query’s JSON response can help you identify the different types of lines associated with a telephone number. For example, it can be:

  • mobile: A mobile phone number.
  • landline: The phone number belongs to a landline.
  • special_services: The phone number belongs to special services, for example, the police.
  • toll_free: The number of the query is a toll-free number.
  • premium_rate: The telephone number is a premium rate number, for example, a hotline.
  • satellite: The Phone number is a satellite number.
  • paging: The number is a pager number.

How Do I Get Started With NumVerify Phone Lookup APIs?

It is very easy to get started with phone lookup APIs. NumVerify offers the best service for validating phone numbers and identifying your callers. It also offers a free plan that requires no credit card to sign up. Once you start using NumVerify, we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied and won’t consider any other phone lookup service.

Increase your customer satisfaction, protect the integrity of your database, validate your caller’s identity, and more with NumVerify. Sign up for your free NumVerify plan today and start using phone lookup APIs!


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