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Rapidly Build Powerful Global Media And News Dashboards

With hundreds of news articles and blog posts published online every few minutes, it’s not easy to keep up with everything you would like to. You don’t want to spend ages searching online to stay updated about the trends. You need a dashboard that lets you discover the trends and view live news data feeds conveniently. By utilizing Mediastack, you can create powerful global news dashboards quickly. In this post, you will find all the details.

What is Mediastack?

Mediastack is a powerful REST API that aggregates news and blog articles around the world. It delivers all the information within milliseconds by using lightweight JSON. It supports 7,500 popular sources from more than 50 countries. So, Mediastack offers you a vast amount of information at a lightning speed. A nice API to pair with this API is the open weather api.

Why should you use Mediastack for building global news dashboards?

  • Offers super-fast response time
  • Supports thousands of news sources from over 50 countries
  • Delivers news results in an easy-to-use JSON format
  • Offers both free and paid plans

How to Implement Mediastack for Building Powerful Global News Dashboards Quickly

Mediastack enables you to create global news dashboards easily. All you have to do is getting and including the access key in your web application.

How to Implement Mediastack with Python

If you are working on a Python dashboard, simply follow these steps:

1. Import the http.client and urllib.parse modules.

2. Then you have to create an instance that connects to the server at Mediastack.

3. Now, you have to include the Mediastack access key. Also, you have to specify the news category type, sorting order and limit.

4. Next, you have to send a GET request to Mediastack.

5. Now, you have to create an instance for getting the response data:

6. Then you have to create an instance for reading the data.

7. Finally, you can display the decoded data by using this code:

Overall, the codes look like this:

Here is the output:

Quickly Build Powerful Global News Dashboards

How can I implement a news API like Mediastack with jQuery?

The process of implementing MediaStack in a jQuery dashboard is pretty straightforward. You just need to add the Medistack API URL and access key. Also, you can include your preferred languages and countries. Besides, you can set the limit of the number of news articles that you want to display. Here are the codes:

How can I get started with Mediastack?

Mediastack has simplified the process of building global news dashboards by providing all the information in lightweight JSON format in milliseconds. Also, it is more affordable than most other news aggregator APIs. So, you should definitely consider using it.

Mediastack is a scalable JSON API that delivers worldwide news articles. Try it now for free.

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