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Simplify Your Content Moderation with APILayer

Moderation can often be a stressful and time-consuming task. Find out how APIs can make your content moderation simpler through automation.

Keeping on top of content moderation can be a headache. With so many things to watch out for, it can be easy to make mistakes and allow unacceptable or inappropriate content to slip through the cracks.

One way to improve moderation is by automating some of the work with an API for moderation. There are several different APIs in our marketplace that can automate the moderation process and make content moderation a breeze.

Here are a few APIs to help you to build the ultimate content management system!

Bad Words API

The Bad Words API is an advanced profanity filter based on the English dictionary. Not only does this filter identify bad or restricted words, but it can also censor them on-screen.

The filter doesn’t just pick up profanity, but also common misspellings and social media acronyms. Additionally, it also picks up words with special characters and words with certain deviations.

Profanity Filtering

Violence Detection API

Image detection APIs are perfect for keeping pages clear of unwanted images at lightning-fast speeds.

The Violence Detection API scans images for violent content and then computes and assigns the image a score on a scale of 1 to 5. It scans several different elements of an image to determine the context and the likelihood of violence or violent imagery.

This versatile API works with both real and cartoon images.

Nudity Detection API

Similarly to the Violence Detection API, this API is perfect for a content moderation which analyzes images before assigning them a score from 1 to 5, depending on how much nudity it detects. Most of the time, an image with a value of 4 is considered safe for posting.

With its algorithm, the Nudity Detection API allows you to decide just how much skin is safe to show in your content. For instance, setting it to 5 would filter out all adult content, even pictures featuring swimsuits.

Women in swimsuits

Minor Detection API

Like the two APIs before it, the Minor Detection API searches images for specific kinds of content – in this case, images of minors, children, and adolescents.

The Minor Detection API works by classifying pictures and returning ‘True’ if it detects a child, teenager, or a baby. It analyzes the image and returns a confidence score from 0 to 1, depending on how likely that image is to contain a minor.

If you wish to simply blur images of minors instead of removing them altogether, then this API can be paired with the Face Pixelizer API to pixelate the faces of any minors that have been detected.

Spam Check API

In addition to inappropriate images and unacceptable language, you can also use an API for moderation to check content for spam.

The Spam Check API performs a range of statistical and heuristic analyses on headers and body text to identify spam. This includes text analysis, DNS blocklist analysis, and Bayesian filtering.

This is an excellent API for moderation since it is so versatile. It can work with any text including HTML, plain text, and emails, though it is most successful for the emails.

No Junk Mail Please

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