Mailboxlayer Vs Kickbox: Which Email Verification Service Is Best For?

If you send a lot of cold emails, then you need a reliable email validator — the cost of sending too many bulk emails and having your account flagged as spam is simply too high for a business to risk. To help you avoid this issue, Email Validator APIs check and validate your outgoing email addresses to determine their authenticity. Using an email validator increases the chances of inbox…
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How To Create A News Web App In Node.js With A Media API?

We have been exploring different APIs from the apilayer. In one of the demonstrations, we have utilized Node.js to scrape data from web pages. In this post, we will use Node.js and MediaStack API to create a news web app. So this Node.js web app connects to the MediaStack API and shows results in a user-friendly way with Express, EJS, Axios, and some CSS! Another great API that can be…
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Languagelayer VS Detect Language - Language Detection APIs Compared

Automatic Language Detection (ALD) involves classifying documents according to their language and the character encoding they use. Although the reasons for identifying a document’s language can vary, generally speaking, identification is useful to index, process, and filter documents, usually on a large scale. For this reason, language detection is one of the more-up-and coming…
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Easily Spider Websites Using Node.js And Powerful REST APIs

What is scrapestack, and What Makes it Powerful for Web Scraping? The scrapestack API was built to offer a simple REST API interface for scraping web pages at scale without having to programmatically deal with geolocations, IP blocks, or CAPTCHAs. The API supports a series of features essential to web scrapings, such as JavaScript rendering, custom HTTP headers, various geo-targets…
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