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The Best Free APIs for Web Development in 2023

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In web development processes, there are many cases that developers need to deal with. The most important of these cases is undoubtedly the need for data. Developers need resources to obtain, for example, traffic or weather data, which they provide to users. With the emergence of the RESTful API concept, developers today obtain most of the data they need from the best free APIs.

The best free APIs help developers, especially in development processes. Developers get the required data with API requests made to these APIs easily. In this way, many errors affecting the production environment in the development processes are prevented. Although there are many ways to obtain free APIs, API marketplaces that developers frequently prefer today meet these needs.

APILayer: Innovative Free REST API Marketplace

home page of apilayer: the best free apis provider

APILayer is the most preferred public API marketplace for developers and businesses. It lists dozens of APIs belonging to more than 10 categories.

Every API listed under it has a free plan. In this way, it offers developers the best APIs to use in 2023 free of charge. In addition, each API listed in APILayer has unique documentation, and there are API request examples of the relevant API in this documentation.

Finally, APILayer provides blog posts with constantly updated and useful information. It offers a great advantage for reviewing many blog posts and finding guides for the APIs you want to use.

Top Free APIs for the Web Projects

Today, more than one type of data may be needed in web projects, and that’s why developers get most of this data from free APIs. This section will list the best APIs that are most needed in web projects in 2023.

Zenscrape API

Zenscrape API is a web scraping open API listed under APILayer. It ensures uninterrupted web scraping processes thanks to automatic IP rotation and proxy pool. So it helps developers to create automated processes in their web scraping process. It provides location-based web scraping, and users can easily obtain data specific to certain locations. In addition, the accuracy of the data provided by this API is very high. It uses JavaScript rendering technology to achieve this.

The weatherstack API

The weatherstack API is a powerful weather API that provides weather data. It is used in many web projects today. This API under APILayer provides current weather data of millions of locations in just seconds. It additionally provides historical weather data for these locations. More than 75,000 businesses use this API.

The ipstack API

The ipstack API is the most popular IP geolocation API today. It provides geo data corresponding to that IP address. The geo data provided by the ipstack API contains very detailed data. It provides comprehensive data such as location currency, time zone, and continent information. It contains 2 million unique location information in the ipstack API database.

Spotify API

Spotify API is an API that provides music data in Spotify. It basically does web scraping. This API lets developers access users’ playlists, artists, albums, songs, and more.

The coinlayer API

The coinlayer API is a unique currency API that provides data on cryptocurrencies. It provides both current and historical data for over 385 cryptocurrencies. It is used by companies such as Lyft, The Telegraph, and Lottoland.


To sum up, developers get many data they need in web projects from free APIs. Although there are many API marketplaces today, developers prefer APILayer because it provides free APIs. They get many APIs that are frequently used in today’s projects, such as weather, web scraping, and location information, for free.

Discover the most popular free APIs to use in 2023, and make a difference


Q: Is APILayer a Free Web API(Application Programming Interface) Provider?

A: Yes, it is a free API provider. All APIs it provides have free subscriptions. APILayer lists freemium APIs and API keys are required to use these APIs.

Q: What Are the Best Free APIs?

A: There are many free open APIs in the market. Some free APIs that may be needed in many web projects are as follows:

  • Zenscrape API
  • The ipstack API
  • The weatherstack API
  • Spotify API
  • The coinlayer API
  • Twitter API

Q: Which API Marketplace Has the Best APIs?

A: APILayer is an API marketplace that provides today’s best public APIs. It lists many APIs in multiple categories. It also offers free subscription plans of all the APIs it provides, and developers can quickly start using these APIs with API calls.

Q: Are There Any Web Scraping APIs in APILayer?

A: Yes, there are many web scraping APIs in APILayer. Some of these APIs are as follows:

  • Zenscrape API
  • Zenserp API
  • Review API
  • Spotify API
  • Advanced Scraper API
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