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Top 10 API Testing Tools in 2022

APIs form the building blocks of large systems today because they are the preferred method for those systems to communicate and exchange data. But, have you ever wondered how you can be sure these APIs are working correctly and meeting your system’s data requirements?

rest api testing tools in 2022

You can make sure your APIs are working properly by testing them, like all software. API testing involves performing a set of checks before you release your APIs into a production environment. With the rise of cloud applications and interconnected platforms, API testing has become more important than ever. This is because many of the services we use every day depend on interconnected APIs. If a single API does not work as expected, the entire service could be compromised.

In this article, we will take a look at the Top 10 API testing tools.


Postman [1] offers a desktop application and a web application you can use to test API services. It allows you to easily share your testing information with your team.

The Postman API Development Environment has three sections: Collections, Workspaces, and Built-in Tools. The Postman collections section allows you to run, test, and troubleshoot requests. It also allows you to run automated tests and archive and view APIs.

Using the Postman workspace and its collaboration features you can share collections, set permissions, and control participation in different workspaces for teams of any size. It is very simple to use and supports GraphQL.


Katalon [2] is a free API testing tool for Web, Mobile, and Desktop applications. It offers fast and easy deployment by including all systems, ALM integrations, and modules in one package.

In addition to REST and SOAP request support,  Katalon offers a wealth of parameterization commands and features. In addition, it takes a knowledge-driven approach, supports CI/CD tools, and allows testers to run automated and exploratory tests.


TestGrid [3] API Testing Tool is a web-based API testing tool with an easy-to-use interface that is 70% faster than traditional API testing methods to help you test faster and deliver faster.

TestGrid runs automated tests in a continuous pipeline to provide faster feedback to your development teams while reducing troubleshooting and resolution time.

TestGrid testing tools support REST and SOAP web services.


Copado’s [4] API test automation supports the consistent development of test frameworks in an adaptive way.

IT teams of all sizes use Copado to accelerate their testing by automating critical lifecycle parts such as test configuration, planning, test creation, and execution. Copado enables customers to save on maintenance costs and focus testing efforts on key business issues.

Copado makes this possible with an AI-controlled hub that brings self-healing automation, among other special capabilities. User experience and design are at the heart of Copado’s approach to consistent innovation in a relentless effort to accelerate testing and improve delivery quality for customers.


Rest Assured [5] was released in December 2010 to test REST requests, perform API-level tests and manage many HTTP operations.

Rest-Assured lets you write API tests in the Rest-Assured Gherkin format. It makes writing, reading, and creating projects that comply with object-oriented programming standards easier. Using its chain method structure you can accomplish a lot of work with less code.


SOAP UI [6] is an open-source web service testing tool. Using SOAP UI, you can perform operations such as API tests, Load Tests, and Security Tests.

Despite its name, you can use SOAP UI to test both SOAP web services and REST APIs.

Advanced REST Client

Advanced REST Client [7] is a simple open-source API testing tool. You can use it as a Chrome extension or download and install a desktop version.

When you install the Chrome extension, it automatically installs a virtual desktop application that runs but is not installed directly on your computer.

You can view API response times, but the app doesn’t include GraphQL testing yet.


ReadyAPI [8] is a good option for security and load testing of RESTful, SOAP, GraphQL, and other web services.It provides automation options to integrate API testing into your CI/CD layout during each build. You will be able to create comprehensive and data-driven functional API tests.

Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca [9] is a software testing tool that supports HTTP, AMQP, SOAP, and many other protocols.

Trices Tosca testing tool provides the functionality of test cases to ensure an effective test management process.


Assertible [10] provides easy, reliable, and fast API testing and performance monitoring. It constantly tests web services and emphasizes automation and reliability.

Assertible helps reduce the number of false positives in your automated QA tests and ensure that your APIs are working properly.


It is very important to test APIs, which are frequently used in API development processes and are the most effective data transport method. You can check the API testing tools in this article and make sure that your APIs are working properly.

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