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Top 7 Most Reliable Email Verification API Tools In 2023

Top 7 Most Reliable Email Verification API Tools In 2022

If we own a business or enterprise, we must have a list of our customers’ details. It can help us update them about new product launches and much more. But what if the emails in our databases are invalid? It can simply waste our time and efforts to send emails. However, we can also use email verification API or email checker API to validate email addresses.

Email verification APIs play an important role in the success of our email marketing. Without proper verification, we may not know where our emails are heading. We can use a reliable email checker API for this purpose. Let’s explore different reliable email verifier APIs to improve our businesses, and what an API can do for us.

email verification api

What Is Email Verification API?

Email verification API helps in the verification of an email in the list of our database. We need to verify the emails to make sure that the particular emails are correct. It helps us check our email addresses if they are mistyped in our mailing list. Moreover, it can also help us check if the domain names are correct.

It also checks the mailing list for disposable email addresses. If there are any incorrect email addresses, it can affect the deliverability. A disposable email address is a fake email address that expires after a certain time. Most people use disposable email addresses to prevent scams. However, it can affect our sender’s reputation or deliverability, since no message can be sent to these emails.

sender reputation and client libraries

What Are the Benefits Of Email Validation API?

Email marketing campaigns require the validation of emails due to four main benefits or reasons. These benefits are listed below:

  • Email validation gives you higher engagement rates and boosts your deliverability.
  • It prevents hard bounces. The hard bounces are those messages or emails that remain undelivered.
  • Email verification API refines your database’s email list and prevents risks of hard bounces.
  • It can also help us choose a better method for email sourcing. It can help us fine-tune the email collection process.
  • We can keep an updated list of email addresses through email validation API usage. It will ensure the emails are sent to authentic users only.

monthly subscription for prompt visitors

How Do Email Validation Tools Work?

We need to analyze many factors to verify our email addresses.

It works in the following steps to ensure the verification:

Syntax Check

Email addresses follow a particular standard for their syntax. If any syntax errors are found, the email validation API removes them. It usually checks the email prefix and email domain. Letters, symbols, and numbers form an email prefix that comes before “@”. At the same time, the email domain comes after the “@” sign. An incorrect email address may look like xyz#123..@example.co.

Detection Of Address Name

It removes suspicious email names from your email list. Some examples of suspicious or role-based email addresses are admin@, info@, etc.

DEA Detection

Then the third step can help us in DEA detection. DEA stands for disposable email addresses. People use these emails to avoid scams.

These are also known as free email providers.

remove spam traps and broken smtp handshake

Spam Traps Check

Spam traps are tools of fraud management that we can see in the form of email addresses. When we send emails to these addresses, they will be sent to spam. Email validation API can also help us detect spam traps and give valid email addresses.


DNSBL is a list of IP addresses that are used for spamming. On the other hand, URI DNSBL contains email addresses that are found in spam email bodies.

MX Record Lookup

Mail check records found within the DNS. MX records clarify the mail servers that accept emails from a particular domain. It also includes those mail servers that don’t accept emails from that domain.

remove false entries

What Are Some Most Powerful Email Validation APIs?

Mailbox Layer

It is a JSON API with tools such as typo and syntax checks. It also filters disposable email providers, checking email quality, SMTP verification, and deliverability score.

What is SMTP? Well, it is a simple mail transfer protocol that uses email addresses to send messages to other users.


  • This email validation service is simple and easy to integrate.
  • Lightweight format (JSON) and secure through 256-bit HTTPS encryption.
  • It checks the email validation right when it lands on our system.
  • Linked with multiple databases to remove email address typos.
  • The free plan consists of 100 requests per month, while the paid plan starts at $14.99/per month.
  • Increases email deliverability and readability.


identify mistyped and invalid emails through json format


Hunter is another email validation API that shows deliverability, detailed validations, and the confidence score of the email address.

Some amazing features of the Hunter API key are:

  • Multiple levels of validation include domain information, mail server response, and format.
  • Compares emails with over 100 million professional emails
  • Verifies the entire email list
  • Direct connection with the SMTP server
  • Checks format, disposable emails, gibberish, and webmail emails.
  • It also checks accept-all domains, MX records, and SMTP checks.
  • Free plan with 50 requests.
  • Paid plan starts at a $49 per month subscription with 1000 requests.

validate emails by removing spam trap

Email Hippo

It can help us quickly verify an email address by analyzing 74 data points for each email address.

It can give us real-time results with a unique trust score. Some features are:

  • It can filter online signups, refreshes databases, and cleans the CRM system.
  • Finds emails with low opening rates and removes spam emails.
  • It can also identify domain charging gatekeeper fees that help emails target the desired location.
  • Improves engagement and deliverability through email segmentation.
  • Checks DEA emails and MX records and detects domains with dark web links.
  • Comprehensive dashboard.
  • It also checks whether an email is a business or private email.

ip reputation through temporary email

Captain Verify

We can say goodbye to all low-quality emails by using Captain Verify. It can help us eliminate bounces, spam traps, and much more. We can import the email lists from encrypted CSV files and verify them more efficiently.

Some features are:

  • Allows downloading of files after the verification process.
  • Quick checking and clean up of emails.
  • Improves deliverability.
  • Boosts ROI and enhances marketing campaigns.
  • Compliance with GDPR regulations.
  • Provides a statistical report.
  • $7/1000 emails check. We can drag the slider for more email checks.

captain verify


It is a real-time email validation API to remove invalid email addresses. It uses machine learning and other techniques that are friendly to mailbox providers. We can easily use it to boost deliverability.

  • It identifies shared, non-existent, inactive, disposable, and mistyped emails.
  • SignGrid gives suggestions to visitors to re-submit forms in the correct format.
  • Facilitates whitehat senders.
  • GDPR Compliance.
  • Shows the validity score.
  • Email templates with HTML rendering and conditional formatting.
  • SMTP services also enable.
  • We just need to connect it to the lead capture forms and verify emails.
  • Its free plan starts with 100 emails per day. Moreover, it also offers a custom pricing plan.



Creating a Debounce account can give us email validation at an enterprise level. It is compatible with a large number of programming languages. Debounce allows real-time and bulk email validation.

  • Most suitable for businesses with an enormous email list.
  • End-to-end services are available.
  • Simple integration and scalability.
  • Allows SMTP check and identifies catch all domains.
  • Anti-grey listing technology.
  • Debounce allows integration with several platforms, forms, and ESPs.
  • It gives us 100 free credits when we sign up. The paid plans start from $10 and onward.



WhoisXML email validation API can give us detailed verification of email lists in real-time. This real-time API blocks spam and reduces bounce rates.

  • It checks syntax according to IETF standards.
  • This API key checks typos, curse words, and disposable emails from 2000+ service providers.
  • We can also check if a particular email can receive emails from different addresses or not.
  • Offers a free plan for new users with 1000 API calls per month.

who is xml

Important Fact: There is an email validator, “Mailgun”, that also performs mailbox verification. We can know if a certain mailbox exists or not.


What Is the Best Email Validation Tool?

The mailbox layer is the best email validation tool. However, you can choose the one that matches your requirements the most. You should also know what is an API key role for your email marketing.

What Is a Good Email Verification API for Signups?

Zero bounce is also a good email verification API for signups. It also has a built-in inbox placement and gives reports on a daily or monthly basis.

How Can I Verify if an Email Is Valid?

We can use the email verification process using email validation APIs to verify an email.

Are Email Verifiers Safe?

Yes. Online email verifiers are safe to use.

Sign up for free now to verify your emails and improve the deliverability of your business.

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