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What Is An Address API? What Are The Top 10 Address APIs In 2023?

address api featured image showcasing a map that indicates a location address

When we look at the address validation API, it has seen a high level of usage in web-related activities and address API offerings.

API stands for application programmatic interface, and in the case of an address validation API, it processes, changes, or can manipulate an address or multiple addresses.

address API address and  components found on a street address through the usage of an address autocomplete API

The role it fills by completing this task is to make the address data useful, standard, complete, or even valid.

However, things go more in-depth than this, and as such, today we will dive into everything you need to know surrounding the address API.

What Is Address Validation?

Address validation, also known as the verification of an address, is a procedure that ensures street and postal addresses exist.

What this means is that a technical process occurs that can confirm the accuracy of available postal information. This is important for companies that aim to engage in domestic or global commerce.

There are multiple ways to verify an address.

First, there is upfront validation, and this occurs when a user seeks an address that is not correct or complete.

International addresses and address lookup APIs utilized across maps JavaScript API.

Second, there is cleansing, parsing, matching, and formatting data within a database, in direct relation to reference postal data. This led to the creation of address validation APIs with input address functionality, which can find if an address exists.

How Do You Validate Addresses?

Before an address can get validated, it typically will need to go through parsing and standardization. Here, address parsing is a procedure that breaks down an address into numerous parts, including the city, state, or ZIP code.

Then, address standardization is a procedure of formatting a mailing address to match the standard address format. The governing authority will typically specify this format for postal. Once the address has been parsed, it gets standardized. 

What Is the Address Validation API?

An address validation API enables developers to verify how accurate addresses are. When the API receives an address, it gives developers, or anyone curious, access to information about its correctness.

This means they can check the components of the parsed address, a geocode, and a verdict based on the collected data.

An application programming interface that features a Geocode API and geocoding services, with validation APis built-in to show the full address or any given address.

Address APIs can vary, and some of the most common APIs include address correction, validation, USP ZIP code, and Enrichment. 

What Is The Geocoding API, And How Does It Differ From An Address API?

Then there is a Geocoding API, which is a service that can provide geocoding or reverse geocoding of addresses. This service converts addresses into geographic coordinates and makes measurements in API requests. 

A unique identifier that can find a street name through an API when a user clicks.

The difference between a Geocoding API and an Address API is that one converts addresses into geographic coordinates, while the other checks their accuracy and validity.

What Are The Top 10 Address APIs To Use In 2023 And Beyond?

Using an Address API as a solution will allow users to alleviate a lot of issues that might arise when it comes to checking the validity of an address. 

Moreover, we have created a list of some of the best Address APIs that are reliable, regularly available, and will provide a solid solution for most individual users or businesses.

1. IPStack IP Address Geolocation API

IPStack is a quick and simple way to get geolocation data or address data for free. This is essentially real-time IP address to location JSON API, which also serves the role of a database service. It stands out because it is quick to use and enables any user to locate addresses for free. Furthermore, this solution has the advantage of supporting IPv4 and IPv6 lookups.

2. Geography API

The Geography API available in the APILayer store enables users to access searchable databases that feature countries, cities, calling codes, currencies, as well as plenty of other options. Users can find a city by name, get a country by phone calling codes, or do other specific functionalities.

3. Geoapify API

Geoapify API is essentially a solution that has integrated location intelligence features alongside third-party providers.

In other words, this enables the API to give users access to location suggestions by using the power of Geocoding. Furthermore, this means it can route between two or multiple locations and points of interest and calculate the geometries. This API also implements the REST architecture.

4. Bing Maps Locations API

Bing Maps also features its own locations API. This API can be used to get information associated with any map coordinates.

The API can also introduce functionality, such as getting a location based on values, including postal codes and addresses. Moreover, the API uses REST and SOAP as its protocols, and the responses can be in the form of XLM or JSON. 

5. FindAddress API

The FindAddress API is one that aims to enable any developer to gain access to services and applications for the lookup use case, as well as for the procedure of validation and auto-completion. This API, however, specializes in the use case within the United Kingdom. Additionally, it is a REST API that enables finding UK addresses from a postcode.

6. DataNerds Property Data REST API v2

This is an API that integrates real-estate data within its social application, and developers can send HTTPS requests and receive GeoJSON, JSON, and XML responses, authorizing with an API Key. Furthermore, it enables a high level of flexibility and has over 130 million properties in the United States.

7. Walk Score API

The Walk Score API was created and serves the role of calculating the walkability of an address. This is done by calculating the distance from a house to nearby locations. The API uses a RESTful interface and returns a score for any latitude or longitude in the United States in the form of an XML or JSON format.

8. MAC Vendor Lookup Tool and API

This simple MAC vendor Lookup API provides a free, quick, and simple API. Through it, anyone can look up the vendor of devices by their MAC address.

9. OpenAddresses API

This is an open data repository of worldwide localized postal addresses, and its API uses a RESTful interface and provides developers or users with responses in JSON or CSV format. 

10. Zimbra API

Zimbra fills the role of being a secure, open-source collaboration platform. It provides services for handling emails, addresses, books, calendars, or anything else. The API lets developers access specific functions through REST or RPC calls.

Geocoding API for coordinates and business usage that can find a city without errors and with an input from customers of a mail request or other API usage, available in many countries.

Users or developers can also visit the APILayer marketplace to find other address APIs.

Which Address API to Pick? 

The best address API is the one that best fills a user’s specific needs. Each user will need to go over all the available APIs to make a well-informed decision on how each works and pick their favorite. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What Is Address Verification API?

This API can verify whether an address is real or valid.

Where Do I Find API Address?

As mentioned earlier, an API address can be found by using one of the APIs in the top 10 list above.

Is USPS Address Validation API Free?

All USPS postal address APIs are indeed fully free to use after the main account has been created. However, they can be used for shipping and mailing services based on the Terms of Service.

Is There Any Free Geolocation API?

There are numerous free Geolocation API options available, and we have outlined some of them in the top 10 list. The number one API on the list that’s free to use includes Ipstack IP Address Geolocation API.

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