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What Is Validation Of Email And How Does It Help You?

validation of email

We should have email validation if we want successful email marketing for our businesses. It is important that the list of emails we get are valid and error-free. Errors happen when someone makes typos while writing email addresses. People are mostly in a hurry to fill in the email address field, so they make errors. In such a case, we can use an email integration API.

Validation of email is important for the collection of quality data. But how can we make sure that we get valid email addresses? The best solution to this problem is to get email validation services using a trustable method. It is important to know how email validation works for an invalid email address and its basics.

So what can an API do to validate emails? Let’s dig into this article to learn more about it!

validation of email

What Is Validation Of Email?

Validation of email is a process that gives us the surety of our email address. For example, we can know if our emails are deliverable, valid, and error-free. In the validation of email, we can use the swift process. It will help us know if the typos are just mistakes or purposeful misdirects.

The best part about the validation of email is that it confirms if our email exists with Yahoo and Gmail. The confirmation also occurs for any other reliable domain, apart from Gmail and Yahoo.

The whole process can help us clean the mail addresses in our business database to get quality content. Moreover, we also get maximized efficiency of email programs for executing email marketing campaigns.

email marketing success is possible through email validation process

Validation Of Email: How It Works?

We can get email validation services from most email service providers (ESPs). Moreover, we can also validate our emails using different free tools, which gives us an appropriate email address.

The working process of email validation is quite simple. We just need to upload our list of emails on the free tools. The tools will help us know whether our uploaded email addresses are deliverable or not. Some common outputs are:

  • A Valid output means that our email address is error-free and exists. It will be complete to the mailbox level.
  • If we get a Risky output, it means that the email address exists, but could result in a bounce.
  • An Invalid output means the email address consists of mailbox errors, DNS errors, or syntax errors.

incorrect addresses can affect your email marketing

What Is The 100% Correct Way To Validate Email Addresses?

We can find several ways to validate email addresses. But it is difficult to know if they are correct or not. The 100% correct way to validate an email address is to send your users an activation email. If the user provides the right email, he will get an activation email, and he can click on the link, and the email will be confirmed.

How Does The Validation Of Email Help You?

Email validation can help us in several possible ways. Some of those are enlisted below:

  • The delivery rate improves up to 98% through the validation of email. As a result, all the invalid email addresses are removed from your database list.
  • It helps achieve a high sender score using the validation of email. This also increases email deliverability.
  • We can increase ROI and save money by not sending emails to some invalid users on the list.
  • It aims to get higher conversion rates. It is because we get more emails in our inboxes. As a result, there are higher clicks and opens with better performance.
Email validation tools can increase email sender score.

Are There Free Email Address Validators?

Yes. Some examples of free tools are:

  • Pabbly Email Verification
  • EmailValidator
  • ValidateEmailAddress
Free email tools are following regular expression to validate emails

What Are The Best Email Address Validator Tools?

Some of the best email validation tools are listed below:


It is a powerful, simple, and free JSON API to help us in email validation services. Mailboxlayer helps us validate emails through the following tools:

  • Typo and spelling checks
  • Syntax checks
  • Free and disposable provider filtering
  • SMTP checks
  • And much more

We can also tell about Mailboxlayer in REST API interview questions.

Mailboxlayer email program validator


ZeroBounce can help us in the bulk email validation process. It also offers single email validation. ZeroBounce uses real-time verification API ad appends key customer data to validate email addresses.


Mailer Check

It is an email validation tool that can give us bulk as well as single email validation. Mailer Lite is a popular company that developed Mailer Check. It also gives us a detailed report for the validation of our emails.

Mailer Check


Mailfloss is known for its excellent support, well-pricing, and easy usage. Using Mailfloss, we can detect duplicate emails, temporary emails, and invalid email addresses. It can validate syntax errors and removes emails with hard bounces. It can help collect email addresses with validation.


How To Do Validation Of An Email With Mailboxlayer?

It can provide email validation services using the simple REST-based JSON API in Mailboxlayer. It helps us check and verify email addresses when we enter them into our system. We can check the syntax errors in our emails, that also includes checking the existence of email addresses using MX-records and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

What Is SMTP?

What is SMTP anyway? It helps send messages to different users through email addresses.

We can validate email addresses using Mailboxlayer in the following steps:

We need to access the features and data of API using the access key. For this purpose, we need to attach the access key to the base endpoint URL given below:

Then, we need to make an API request.

Some optional parameters are:

We get the returned data in lightweight JSON and universal format. For example, we can find a standard API result set as:

Notice that there are 10 different response objects in each API response.

We can check email addresses in bulk using the following URL:

But we can only perform the bulk check in Professional Plus Plan.

In Mailboxlayer, the number of requests is limited based on the plan we select to subscribe to.

If we provide the wrong email to validate, we will get the following error:

Some common API errors are:

Common API errors

We can also enhance the readability using the JSON format. We just need to attach format=1 to our valid API request.

We can also use this API in the JavaScript code format to get quality email addresses. For example:


How do you validate an email?

The top 7 methods for checking email addresses are:

  • Check the email syntax
  • Ping the server
  • Send an email from a different account
  • DNS lookup
  • Perform an IP address lookup
  • Use an email verification tool
  • Verify your email list while sending cold emails

What is the standard email validation?

An email prefix plus an email domain, both in allowed formats, make up a valid email address. The prefix is seen to the left of the @ sign. After the @ sign, the domain appears to the right. For instance, “example” serves as the email prefix and “mail.com” as the email domain in the address [email protected].

What is meant by email validation?

Email validation is the process of confirming an email address is valid and reachable. It quickly runs a method that finds typos, whether they are innocent mistakes or purposeful deception. Additionally, it confirms whether a particular email address is linked to a respectable domain.

How does the email validation tool work?

Email addresses are validated to determine if they can be delivered to and are genuine. It quickly runs an algorithm that finds typos, whether they are unintentional errors or intentional misdirection. It checks to see if a particular email address is really registered with a domain like Gmail or Yahoo.

How do you make an invalid email valid?

  1. Find another way to communicate
  2. Notify the company
  3. Check domains
  4. Rely on a service
  5. Check for typos and formatting problems
  6. Email format and email validation
  7. Remember to double-check

Ready to get started?

Sign up free to Mailboxlayer to boost your business with the best email validator tool!

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