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Which News API Is Worth Integrating In 2022?

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We can use the internet to get updates about the latest news across the globe. However, most people are shifting from traditional news resources such as newspapers & televisions to online technologies. Hence, abandoning the older ways of knowing about global news. Seeing this progress, developers have started implementing news API such as google news API.

Most developers are integrating their applications with the news API key to give their users the latest news data. We can learn about the latest news APIs in this article. All the APIs in this article are listed based on their prices, features, data format, and ease of use. To explore the best news APIs, let’s read this article till the end.

news api

What Is A News API?

News API helps to fetch news from different resources and integrate them into our application using machine learning.

We can get programmatic access to different news articles published worldwide.

It can help us to connect our application with online news resources such as ABC news using these APIs.

News APIs can get us machine-readable data from various news websites if we own a business.

Moreover, we can receive this news through the help of webhooks, RSS feeds, and REST API.

News APIs can help several organizations extract important information they want to analyze, research, and monitor.

As a result, organizations can add new products, services, and features to their existing content. So this is what an API can do for us.

URL request to check news category

What Are The Best News APIs?

There are multiple news APIs across the globe.

Choosing the right news API for our business can be a challenging task.

However, here is a list of some APIs we can use to fetch news and integrate it into our applications:

Google News API

Google news APIs can provide us with up-to-date information from different global sources.

The best part about this API is that we can access it using mobile and web operating systems.

Moreover, Google news API is available in 35 different languages. These benefits can make you know about what is an API key role in fetching online news.

country business news


  • This news API is available for public access even if Google no longer maintains it.
  • We can integrate this Google news search into our application using this API.
  • We can use this API to display trending topics, headlines, URLs, stories, wall street journal, stock market news, and other news from Google search results.


  • The best part about this news API is that it is free of cost.

Data Format

  • It provides us with data in JSON format.

Ease Of Use

  • Like many other APIs, this API also consists of comprehensive documentation that can help integrate it within minutes.
  • We can also utilize the Google news API by taking help from an active community of developers.
get data in https request for blogs and other media

News API

This news API is the simplest API to integrate into our systems.

We can search more than 30,000 news outlets worldwide using this API.

For example, we can also fetch news related to a blog that reviewed a company recently, news articles published for a particular product, and much more.


  • It lets us search for different published articles.
  • We can use phrases or keywords, names of publications, language, publication dates, and publication sources’ domain names.
  • We can also sort the results based on dates of publication.


  • It is free for non-commercial purposes. But, it also has some restrictions, such as the number of daily requests.
  • The pricing starts at $449 per month for commercial purposes.

Data Format

  • It performs quick GET HTTP requests.
  • It delivers data in JSON format.

Ease Of Use

  • It is easy to use with the help of documentation available on the internet.
create different links, title, and much more

Bloomberg API

We can get insightful data, market analysis, financial information, and business news using this award-winning API.

We can make influential decisions using this amazing news API’s data. Some amazing features of this API are listed below:


  • We can get access to programmatic data round-the-clock.
  • Embeds real-time streaming of news data such as breaking news, historical news, financial market information, and other analytical data.


  • This API is free of cost for non-commercial uses.
  • However, the pricing system may vary based on your use cases in commercial uses.

Data Format

  • It allows multiple data formats such as HTML, XML, and JSON.

Ease Of Use

  • Easy-to-follow documentation and tutorials are available.
bloomberg india news


It is an American sports platform that gives us different news data related to sports.

We can get highlights for various sports, such as MLB, football, NLF, basketball, and NBA.


  • Robust API for tapping into espn.com
  • Up-to-date news about trending sports.
  • Gives news about photos of athletes, scores, and rankings of different games.


  • Free of cost

Data Format

  • Available in JSON format and XML format.

Ease Of Use

  • Difficult to integrate with applications due to lack of documentation.

New York Times API

New York Times is one of America’s most popular sources of news.

It is a rich source for finding opinions, multimedia, news data, and other up-to-date information.

Some features are given below:


  • Provides 11 public APIs to help developers integrate their data into the applications.
  • The Article API can help us to search data & news items about popular articles from 1851 to today.
  • The Book API helps us to get details of books.


  • The free plan is limited to 1000 requests or calls per month.

Data Format

  • JSON format.

Ease Of Use

  • Multiple comprehensive documents are available to assist in easy integration.
New york times

Financial Times API

Financial times is a publication that gives news data about commentaries, politics, expert analysis, economic analysis, and other financial information.


  • Helps create amazing digital products by integrating the publication’s database.
  • Extracts full-text FT articles.
  • Real-time information extraction with 5+ years of archived data.
  • Extracts metadata of articles


  • Different prices depending on use cases.

Data Format

  • JSON data format.

Ease Of Use

  • Easy implementation.
  • FT product specialists give support and advice to users.
Financial times api

Yahoo News API

Yahoo is a platform that gives information about opinions, comprehensive video coverages, images, headlines, and the latest news stories.

Some of its important features are listed below:


  • Yahoo News API is a part of the BOSS API suite of developers’ tools.
  • Provides the latest information about worldwide news.


  • The pricing depends on the usage of this API. For example, if we only want to review news results, we can subscribe to $1.80 per 1000 requests. And this plan is limited to 50 queries per day.

Data Format

  • Supports both JSON and XML formats.

Ease Of Use

  • Easy to integrate due to the availability of documentation and tutorial.
  • The Yahoo BOSS developer community can help in further implementation.
Yahoo api


BBC is a British broadcasting corporation, a popular source of news from across the world.

We can also use BBC news API to fetch the latest data about entertaining and educative content.


  • It no longer provides public support.
  • We can fetch data using BBC’s web portal.


  • Most BBC APIs are deprecated, but only the BBC employees get them for free.

Data Format

  • It has various formats based on the use cases. Some common formats are RSS, JSON, XML, and others.

Ease Of Use

  • No public documentation on how to use this API.
  • Difficult to use.

Guardian API

Guardian API belongs to The Guardian, which is another popular source of news information.

Some amazing features are listed below:


  • Programmatic access to news data such as market sentiment, etc.
  • Scores more than two million pieces of different content.
  • Data available sections from 1999 to today.
  • Provides endpoints for getting a wide range of items in the publication’s database.
  • It can be filtered based on different parameters.


  • It is available for free for non-commercial uses.
  • While the price depends on the application for commercial purposes.

Data Format

  • JSON format

Ease Of Use

  • We can explore the results and requests of API in the playground by The Guardian.
  • Supportive community
  • Easy-to-follow documentation

Bing News Search API

Microsoft owns Bing news search API to aggregate news sources or top articles from different places.

We can display the most recent news on our mobile and web pages using this simple API.


  • We can send search queries to the platform and receive the latest news results.
  • We can also filter our query and other searchable metadata.


  • Offers a 7-day guest account for a free trial of this API.
  • We can use it for free on an Azure account but with limited access.
  • Paid Azure account is available for extensive use.

Data Format

  • JSON Format

Ease Of Use

  • Step-by-step tutorials are available.

Apart from all these news APIs listed above, we can also use south china morning post and hacker news API to derive news sentiment from different sources. We can also use python web scrapping to fetch news data.

Zenserp Google News API

It can help us fetch news from different global sources in real-time. Some amazing features of Zenserp google news API are listed below:


  • It has language-specific results
  • It allows geolocated searches
  • Pagination
  • Date range search


It offers a free plan with 50 requests per month. Moreover, the prices of other plans vary according to our choice. It has small, medium, large, and very large plans.

Data Format

It can be used with any programming language of our choice. We can retrieve data by HTTP.

Ease Of Use

Easy-to-follow documentation is available.


What Is The Best News API?

Google news API is considered the best news API. But it all depends on your requirements. You can choose any API listed above.

What Is A News API?

A news API helps to fetch data about news from different online resources.

Is There Any Free News API?

Yes. Google news API is free of cost.

Is It Reliable To Use News API?

Yes. These news APIs are totally reliable.

Sign up Free and Scrape Google News Headlines in Real-Time Using the Google News API. 

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