Stateful vs Stateless: Understanding The Key Differences

You might have come across working with API products or have a basic understanding of what’s an API. Have you ever wondered how your information is stored or how the server response and request work? The protocols, or rules and regulations, that direct all data sent through the internet, govern the internet and all that is done on it. These protocols can be divided into two major categories…
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What Is API As A Service?

You must be familiar with the term API if you work in technology or just have any type of connection to it. However, most people are unaware of what an API as a service is, what it actually provides, and why there is so much buzz about it. Most programs use public…

SOAP vs REST And Why We Choose REST For Our APIs

SOAP and REST are both ways of accessing web services. But, while SOAP is a protocol, REST is an architectural style. This means SOAP cannot use REST, but it can be used by REST as the underlying protocol for web services. Another big difference between these two approaches…