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10 Reliable Foreign Exchange APIs For Your Business

currencylayer-foreign exchange APIs

The outreach of businesses around the globe and their presence in more than one country, calls out for access to currency conversion rates. Showing accurate prices in the local currency of a consumer is mandatory for the success of any business. Hence, it is essential to have software modules that are capable of fetching reliable currency exchange rates in real-time. Building websites and software apps, therefore, require accurate foreign exchange APIs.

If you are looking to build a website or app with an exchange rates dashboard or a currency converter, then you need an exchange rates API. The API should fetch and validate the currency exchange rates from trustworthy sources. It should also be capable of providing precise real-time exchange rates and their historical values. Continue reading to discover ten reliable foreign exchange APIs that you can use and add more value to your business.

What Are The 10 Reliable Foreign Exchange APIs For My Business?

Here is our list of the top ten accurate APIs for fetching and retrieving foreign currency exchange rates.

1. What is currencylayer Foreign Exchange API?


At the top of our list of ten reliable foreign exchange APIs is currencylayer by APILayer. The currencylayer APIs are REST-based APIs that return a response object in JSON format. We found that currency layer APIs are robust and reliable and provide accurate foreign exchange data. The base URL for this API is:

An example query for live currency exchange rates is:

Some great features of currencylayer APIs include:

  • Real-time exchange rate conversion.
  • Historical exchange rates API for 168 world currencies.
  • The exchange rate data is extracted from various reliable sources, validated, and processed. You can retrieve this data hourly, every ten minutes, or every minute.
  • Features for specifying the base/source currency of your choice.
  • Time frame queries that return a time series of historical currency exchange rate values.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • A free plan is available with up to 100 requests daily. It is free for life.
  • Extensive documentation and code examples.
  • Compatible with all types of programming languages that support HTTPS queries.

2. What Is Fixer Foreign Exchange API?

Fixer is another great currency converter API by APILayer. The base URL for the request is:

Some of the features of this API are:

  • Exchange rate data is retrieved from 15+ data sources.
  • Real-time exchange rate data.
  • Historical time series data for currency exchange.
  • Fluctuation data between two specified dates for a specific set of currencies.
  • A free plan is available with up to 100 requests per day.

3. Does coinlayer Provide Foreign Exchange APIs?


APILayer also provides coinlayer’s specialized APIs for cryptocurrency conversion. Although this is not strictly a foreign exchange currency converter, we have included this in our list so that you can know the value of various cryptocurrencies. It includes fast and reliable cryptocurrency conversion APIs. Some features of Coinlayer’s currency exchange APIs include:

  • Cryptocurrency conversion rates to and from a base currency.
  • Real-time exchange rates.
  • Bank-grade security.
  • Over 385 cryptocurrencies are included.
  • Data is collected from several reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, validated, and processed.
  • Extensive documentation with code examples.
  • Includes a free plan.

4. What Is Currency Data API?

Currency data API

The currency data API is also provided by APILayer and available through APILayer’s marketplace. It is also a REST-based API with a JSON response object.

The base URL for the request is:

A few capabilities of currency data API include:

  • Real-time exchange rate data.
  • Delivering currency pairs in JSON format.
  • Exchange rate data is retrieved from multiple sources, validated, and processed.
  • Historical exchange rates.
  • Includes a free plan.

5. What Is Exchange Rates Data API?

Again APILayer also provides another great foreign exchange rates data API. Some noted features about this API include:

  • Currency Exchange rates API for many world currencies.
  • Data time series for multiple or one currency.
  • Preserving API daily for fluctuation data.
  • Includes a free plan with 250 requests daily.
  • Simple and easy to use.

6. What Is Open Exchange Rates?

Open Exchange Rates are reliable APIs for data and currency conversion. The base URL for the query is:

Some features of Open Exchange Rates APIs include:

  • Retrieve the latest exchange rates.
  • Get historical exchange rates.
  • Extract historical time series data for exchange rates.
  • Convert any monetary value from one currency to another.
  • Retrieve historical Open, High Low, Close (OHLC), and average exchange rates for a given period.

7. Is FASTFOREX Also A Foreign Exchange API?

fastforex-curency exchange API

FASTFOREX is another foreign exchange currency converter. The base URL for this API is:

You can use this API with several endpoints. Here are a few features of this API:

  • Fetch a single currency exchange rate.
  • Fetch multiple currency exchange rates.
  • Convert a monetary amount from one currency to another.
  • Retrieve historical exchange rates for a date in the past.
  • A 7-day free trial is available.

8. What Are Abstract’s Currency Exchange Rates And Forex APIs?

Abstract - Abstract's Currency Exchange Rates and Forex API

The base URL for Abstract currency exchange rates and forex APIs is:

Here are a few features of this API:

  • Get the latest exchange rate.
  • Retrieve the historical rate for a given day.
  • Fiat and cryptocurrencies are supported.

9. What Foreign Exchange APIs Are Offered By xignite?

xignite currency exchange rates APIs

xignite also offers currency exchange rates APIs. The base URL of the query is:

Here are a few features of xignite APIs:

  • Realtime spot quotes for many currencies.
  • Using historical forex data API, you can get historical currency exchange rates.
  • Returns official cross rates offered by central banks.
  • Currency exchange rates for pairs of currencies.
  • Intra-day, end of day, and historical OHLC.

10. What Are The Features Of Xe Foreign Exchange APIs

xe currency exchange data

Xe currency data API is also a REST-based API with JSON response object. Some of its features include:

  • Retrieve a list of available currencies.
  • Convert from one base currency to one or multiple currencies.
  • When given a money amount, convert it to one or more currencies.
  • Get historic exchange rates.
  • Free API credentials are available for a 7-day trial.

How Do I Get Started With Currencylayer – The Best Foreign Exchange API?

From the above list of 10 real-time forex APIs, currencylayer stands out in terms of many features. If you want a platform for reliable and robust currency conversion APIs, then Currencylayer is your best bet. These APIs are simple and easy to use and can be easily integrated into the app of your choice. You can call them from any programming language that supports HTTPS requests. With advanced data coverage, real-time updates, and secure and encrypted data streams, you cannot possibly go wrong.

Don’t wait! Sign up for your free trial of currencylayer.

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