How Do I Look Up Geolocation With IP API In Python And Flask?

Do you want to unleash the power of business intelligence around IP addresses? Understanding where your audience is located is crucial for business success in today’s international world. Checking geolocation With IP API is a powerful way to connect digitally and learn more about your customers. This blog post will show you how to make a Python Flask app that uses a tracking API to find the…
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Easily Monitor Cryptocurrency Prices Using Python And REST Services

Cryptocurrency is creating a huge change and transformation in the financial world today. Emerging as an alternative to traditional currencies, these digital assets are supported by blockchain technology and traded securely and transparently. This movement, which started under the leadership of Bitcoin, has now turned into a large ecosystem with many different cryptocurrencies and tokens. One of…
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How To Use A Free Image Optimizer API?

As a developer, you want your site to load fast. You want it to have great page speed, leading to a better user experience and a high SEO score. As a result, your site will keep getting new visitors and increased traffic. A great way to ensure high performance is by using a free image optimizer API. It will automatically reduce the size of all the large images. Therefore, your site will perform…
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Using Odds API to Build a Winning Betting System

If you are building a bookmaker platform, you should analyze data and provide accurate odds for your users. You can make people bet more on sporting and other events at agreed-upon odds by giving better odds. To create a successful bookmaker platform, you should analyze recent odds from several bookmakers for a wide range of sports and events. But there are ways to automate this task with various…
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