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Mastering ChatGPT Plugins & Custom GPTs

Your Comprehensive Guide to Designing a ChatGPT App with ChatGPT Plugins How can I create a Plugin for ChatGPT? If you are an avid chat openai api user and were searching for best chat gpt plugins, you may have discovered from openai chatgpt plugins website that creating a Plugin for ChatGPT is no longer possible. OpenAI has shifted its focus from Plugins to enabling developers to create…
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10 Best IP Geolocation APIs In 2024

IP geolocation APIs allow you to locate your site visitors. Also, they help you to retrieve key information, including country, city, and time zone. By utilizing the information, you can make effective adjustments to your marketing strategy. You can timely send promotional…

IPStack Case Study: How Airbnb Uses Geolocation IP Address for Listings

IP geolocation or Geolocation IP address is the process of determining the physical location, such as the country, city, region, latitude, longitude, and more, of a device or user based on their IP address. IP geolocation may give organizations significant insights into user behaviour, preferences, and requirements, allowing them to provide more relevant, personalized, and engaging experiences.
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How to Use the ScreenshotLayer and PDFLayer APIs to Create a Web Page Archiver

In today’s digital age, preserving web pages is critical for a variety of reasons, including compliance, research, and record-keeping. The ScreenshotLayer and PDFLayer APIs make it easier to build a powerful web page archiver. This post will walk you through the steps required to develop a web page archiver and demonstrate the capabilities of these two APIs in our API…
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What Are API Keys? (And Are They Secure?)

In the world of software development and web services, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) play a crucial role. An API facilitates communication between different systems and allows developers to access and interact with the functionalities of a particular application…

The Must-Have API Marketplace for Developers

Developers play an important role in building innovative digital products. To build better applications and services, developers need access to various APIs often. An effective use of APIs helps to interact with multiple components of software and services. Usually…
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How to Use the Mediastack and Web page to PDF APIs to Create a News Aggregator

We’d like to welcome you to our thorough tutorial on creating a news aggregator with the help of the mediastack and Web page to PDF APIs. We will walk you through the steps of building a robust news aggregation platform in this tutorial that gathers real-time news stories from a variety of sources and converts them into PDF format. This lesson is for you, whether you’re a developer…
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