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10 Ways To Use An Exchange Rates API

Today, millions of people around the world make instant exchange transactions for many reasons. With the digitalization of the era and the development of technology, people started to use foreign exchange trading applications. The applications support many more currencies than the currencies available in a traditional exchange office, allowing transactions to be made. One way to get the needed data is through a currency API.

Currency API solutions for any industry.

Applications where users trade foreign exchange often integrate and serve services that provide exchange rates API services. There are many services in the market that provide exchange rates API service.

It is very important that the services that provide Exchange rates API that you aim to use in your application are fed from reliable sources. For this reason, you must be sure that the service you will receive is reliable, otherwise there may be legal consequences for your users to take action with incorrect currency data.

In this article, 10 exchange rates API services that you can use in your applications will be examined.

One of the most popular services providing exchange rates API is Exchangerates API. Exchangerates API provides real-time, accurate and reliable exchange rate data for more than 200 currencies worldwide in just milliseconds, updated every 60 seconds.

Link: https://exchangeratesapi.io/

  • Fixer API

Fixer API is a service that offers Exchange rates and currency conversion.

Fixer offers a simple and lightweight API for current and historical currency (forex) rates. It is used by thousands of developers, SMEs and large companies every day. Extremely powerful data sources and 6+ years of experience make Fixer a very popular source for real-time currency rates.

Link: https://fixer.io/

  • XE

XE Currency Data API provides business globally reliable exchange rate information extremely quickly and flexibly. XE’s Rate Blender uses over 100 global sources and detects and dynamically filters errors to maintain accuracy. It has a developer friendly approach as it can be easily integrated into applications.


  • Open Exchange Rates

The open exchange rates API serves the internet’s most dynamic startups, brands and organizations. The service it provides is flexible and fast. Open exchange rates API offers a very simple and understandable response in JSON format. It also provides live and historical exchange rates for over 200 world currencies.


  • Neutrino Convert API

Neutrino Convert API is a simple tool that allows conversion between currency, cryptocurrency and various other currencies using an up-to-date data stream. The API gives you access to an accurate feed of international currencies for converting currencies. All major currencies are updated every 15 minutes with exchange rates aggregated and averaged from multiple international exchanges.


  • Xignite API

Xignite API provides a wide variety of official currency data with instant up-to-date data for applications owned by your businesses. The API comes with several methods to access real-time forex rates, historical forex rates, forward rates (expiration, bid, mid, demand, spot rate), bars (open, low, high, average, volume), currency. In addition to serving 170 official currencies around the world, it also provides data for other assets such as Bitcoin, metals and options.


  • Currency Converter API

Currency Converter API is a flexible and JSON-formatted currency converter service that can be quickly integrated into applications. It is very easy to use. It also provides historical currency data for 365 days. It supports more than 150 currencies and refreshes currency values ​​data every 60 minutes.


  • Currencylayer API

Currencylayer API provides the most up-to-date data for 168 World Currencies, with data updates every 60 minutes to 60 seconds. It offers ease of integration and data in JSON format. It also provides historical data as a service.


  • Live-Rates API

Live-Rates API is updated in real time every Second. It provides all the major Forex Currencies it provides in JSON and XML formats, which are the most popular formats. Live-Rates API is generally preferred by e-Commerce systems, brokerage houses and casinos.


  • Currency API

Currency API provides a service designed to automate your currency conversions. Currency API helps with current and historical exchange rates. It supports more than 170 officially recognized currencies around the world. The exchange rate data it provides is updated every 60 seconds.



There are many more services that provide Exchange rates API services. You can choose the most suitable service for you and integrate it into your application, thus increasing your organic traffic.

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