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5 Awesome APIs for All Frontend Developers

APIs have become indispensable for software projects today. Ease of use, stability and fast operation are some of the factors that cause this.

APIs are generally produced on the backend side and frontend applications obtain the data they want to obtain from the APIs provided by the backend applications.

This article will list the awesome 5 APIs that frontend applications can meet different types of data needs.


Unsplash API

Unsplash API is one of the most powerful photo engines in the industry, providing developers with more than 600,000 unlicensed free high-resolution photos.

Unsplash API stands out for being completely free. Photographs protected under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license allow any legal personal and corporate use.

Unsplash currently has 250,000 photos and responds to 411 million requests per month. In addition, there is no pricing model or restriction for API usage yet.


Use of Unsplash API and Services Offered

Unsplash comes across as a beautifully designed JSON API that validates with OAuth2. To start using it, simply register for free at https://unsplash.com/developers.

If you wish, you can get information about all the services offered by browsing the detailed documentation.

For more information: https://unsplash.com/documentation


Spoonacular API

You want to create a food-related website, but you need a dataset with detailed information about the ingredients and ingredients of thousands of foods. The spoonacular API was designed to meet exactly this need.

Spoonacular API offers developers a very detailed API with more than 2000 Ingredients, more than 5000 Recipes and more than 600 thousand Products information.

For more information: https://spoonacular.com/food-api


The Movie DB API

The Movie DB is a user-participated movie and series database site that has been operating since 2008, where information about movies and TV series can be obtained, users can update information and enter data.

With the API it provides, it opens the data of movie and TV series information to the outside world.

For more information: https://developers.themoviedb.org/


ResponsiveVoice Text To Speech API

The development of technology has brought with it many artificial intelligence processes. One of the most popular artificial intelligence processes today is Text To Speech. It is the vocalization of the text entered by the application.

Responsive Voice Text To Speech API is the company that allows you to quickly integrate this process into applications with the API it provides and serves very popular companies. It is very simple to use and its response time is fast.

For more information: https://responsivevoice.org/api/


CoinGecko API

There is an API that offers almost all the data needed for cryptocurrencies these days, where the popularity of cryptocurrencies is increasing. CoinGecko.

It is known as the crypto currency API that offers the most comprehensive data. CoinGecko API provides developers with a free API for personal use.

CoinGecko is the world’s largest independent crypto data aggregator, tracking data from over 500+ exchanges, over 13,000+ different crypto assets.

For more information: https://www.coingecko.com/en/api



There are thousands of paid/free APIs available today for the data needed while developing frontend. You can access the APIs you need for your frontent projects from the internet.

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