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A look back: Major Trends Influenced Software Developers in 2020

With the lockdowns our daily lives may have slowed down, however, technological development did not. In this article, we will look back at some of the major trends that influenced software developers in 2020.

Goodbye, 2020​!

The year 2020 is almost up and we can’t wait to get rid of it for sure. Even though we had a rough year, a lot of good things happened this year. With lockdowns our daily lives may have slowed down, however, technological development did not. In this article, we will look back at some of the major trends that influenced software developers in 2020.

Covid’19, Major Trend of The Year

If we are talking about major trends which influenced software developers in 2020, COVID’19 is of course the winner. It had huge implications for nearly every field of work. Software development was no exception.

With Covid and quarantine, we got used to the idea of “Distance & Remote …” Distance learning, remote conferences, remote work are just some of the examples.

Most of the software developers started working remotely this year. In the US over the last five years, remote work has grown 44% and over the 10 years, it nearly doubled. This is really huge progress.

Many of the big tech companies like Google and Facebook started to experiment with alternative ways of work. They offered permanent remote work opportunities for their employees. It is still unknown whether this will have a positive or negative impact on both the productivity and the wellbeing of the workforce. However, we can say that companies save a big amount of money while working remotely.

Autonomous Cars

Especially with Tesla’s impact, autonomous and electric cars are getting more and more popular in 2020. With software & hardware developments, autonomous and electric cars have influenced a lot of software developers to get into the field of artificial intelligence.

With AI, autonomous cars are getting better each year. A lot of software developers have started working with AI algorithms for autonomous cars. With these innovations, autonomous cars started becoming more popular in 2020. After Tesla’s accomplishments, a lot of car manufacturers also started working on their autonomous cars.

Quantum Machine Learning

With quantum computing, we discovered a new branch of study. This field is still new and there are lots of unknowns. But in fact, it’s a pretty interesting area. With IBM and Qiskit’s help developers all around the world now can get access to quantum computers and write programs for them.

In this year another interesting study became popular; Quantum Machine Learning. This study aligns the superpower of quantum algorithms with machine learning programs. With the exponential speed of quantum computers, machine learning has become more powerful than ever. With qiskit and IBM’s online quantum computer, most of the developers start learning quantum machine learning in their homes from their personal computers.

Robotic Process Automation

Many companies around the world started implementing RPA technology to achieve high efficiency. Replacing RPA with suited work rather than people is sometimes a much more effective and secure thing to do.

With new technologies, RPA is getting better and better, most developers are implementing AI into them. The combination of AI and RPA makes RPA more aware of its surroundings. New algorithms come out day by day making RPA more effective in companies.

The Rise of Python and Artificial Intelligence

People started working on AI more than any other technology today. AI is getting integrated into our lives more deeply and most of the fresh graduates start coding for AI with python. Thus, Python is also rising together with AI. It may be the easiest programming language that you can learn and start using for training AI and building applications. That is why Python became so popular in 2020 together with AI and ML.

Moreover, with Python 3.x, the pythonista community became much more powerful in 2020. Click here​ ​for more about Python 3.0

Cloud Computing and 5G

5G (Fifth Generation) technology was actually introduced in 2019, but it has become much more popular in 2020. With this trend, cloud & edge computing also got popular. 5G provided great acceleration for mobile platforms and it helped improve cloud computing systems. With that incredibly low latency speed, 5G unlocked the true potential of cloud systems.

This technology is still evolving and becoming more effective. Most of our phones use cloud systems as a backup, but with that enormous 5G speed cloud storage could be the first choice of storage for our phones and other devices.

Moreover, this could lead to cloud-only devices. For example, cloud gaming platforms like Google Stadia have become popular in this year. You can play games without having great hardware thanks to cloud systems and high-speed connections like 5G.

Thanks to 5G and cloud computing software developers have a broad area to work on to create new applications.

Fasten your seat belts ​2021 is on our way!

We went over some of the major trends in 2020 which affected the software world. Now the new year is coming with new technologies and we can’t wait to see and learn about them. If you don’t want to miss anything in 2021 follow us. Live long and prosper.

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