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API Use Case: Earn Passive Income With A Domain Name Affiliate Site

Help people find their brand name with the available domain names, create your business on it, and start earning money with our Domain Name Discovery API.

Founding a business with a brilliant idea, gathering a team of genius people, great networking with the influencer of the market… Yet something is missing: A catchy brand name with a domain available to use. Seems like a drop in the bucket, right? This step should not be underestimated as the name will be the face of that business and people want to be satisfied both with the rhyme and context together.

Friends and associates can be very helpful in finding a suitable brand name but from a professional point of view, merchantability of the name must be well-considered and the name should serve the purpose and stick in the mind, too. Offering an available domain name matching with the circle of trade may seem a little easy-peasy, yet it depends on the imagination of the service provider – in this case, why shouldn’t it be you?

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How do I generate a passive income using an API?

The Internet is full of services that people find very simple yet very useful for even small businesses to bloom. Turning any idea in your favor is a chance that you shouldn’t miss as somebody else might snatch it.

APIs are those kinds of small business ideas that solve certain issues and might give you the spark to start your own business – and create a passive income for you.

Use Domain Name Discovery API for the take-off

As we mentioned in the introduction, offering a domain name is a simple and worthwhile startup for a fresh entrepreneur. Our Domain Name Discovery API offers all you need as a driving force.

Once you subscribe, it’s as simple as Googling something – our API just needs a term or expression to generate the best domain name using its algorithms. When you enter a word or a bunch of keywords, it analyzes it within the context of frequently used English words, then it merges words to create catchy and mostly unique compound words with domain extensions (limited with ‘com’, ‘me’, ‘net’, ‘org’, ‘io’, ‘co’, ‘club’, ‘biz’, ‘mobi’, ‘info’, ‘us’ for now). Then it’s time to check if the domain is available through a whois lookup on thousands of domain names. Your visitors would either be satisfied with the generated ones or it will definitely inspire their imagination.

Bonus: As a sunny side of the picture, this API gets help from another API called Sentiment Analysis API which uses a sentiment analysis to eliminate the suggestions with negative words, leaving you with all the positive vibes. You can also group the suggestions as you wish to offer like the common ones, short or long names, or any other categorization you’d like.

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Where is the cash cow in it?

The part you may be interested in the most comes here: How can you turn this business into cash? Well, nothing comes without a price. Some affiliate programs like the Namecheap Affiliate Program enable you to earn a certain amount of commission from every referral click you bring to them. Once you create an account, they provide you with the necessary steps to initiate. With your ID, you display the links on your website and there you go. It would be wise to check other affiliate programs of providers like domain.com or GoDaddy to double up your returns.

Now you can hear the clicks for every domain purchase you channel through them.

Last words

APILayer is a marketplace, where high-quality and curated APIs take place. If you wish to work with us to promote your APIs, check our page for our unbeatable revenue-sharing models.

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