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App Store Search API: How to Retrieve an Application’s Details From the App Store

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Nowadays, web scraping technology has advanced considerably. Web scraping technologies are used in many businesses for many different purposes. These services, especially in the field of web scraping, usually have expertise in some subjects. For example SERP web scraping service or news web scraping service. Nowadays there is also an API for scraping Apple App Store data. This is Apple App Store Search API.

Developers may need Apple App Store data for many reasons. The apple app store search API provides an excellent service to these developers. In this article, we will see the use cases of this API. Next, we will introduce today’s most popular App Store Search API and integrate it into a web application.

What Are the Use Cases of Apple App Store Search API in Search Apps?

An Apple App Store Search API is used in many other situations, such as application development and market research. Some of the use cases where this API is used are as follows:

App Discovery: Thus, developers can discover apps in the App Store that meet their criteria. In this way, developers can learn about new applications and broaden their perspectives.

Market Research: Researchers and analysts use this API to gain insights into mobile app market trends, market dynamics, and user preferences.

App Store Optimization (ASO): This API can assist developers with ASO by providing access to metadata, keywords, and ranking data for apps.

Best App Store Search Results Provider: App Store API

app store search API

Today, the most popular web service that offers data scraping from the App Store is the App Store API. The App Store API is one of more than 90 free APIs listed under APILayer.

This API allows users to scrape IOS apps in real time. It provides services to its users with more than one endpoint. Like app reviews, ratings, categories, and more. Additionally, this API, like every API listed under APILayer, shows us the API usage in this product. So, every user can control this from a mobile device or computer.

Finally, this API provides the responses as JSON results. So, developers can easily integrate this API into programming languages.

How to Use Mac App Store API on Our Website?

In this section, we will integrate the App Store API listed under APILayer into a website.

Before starting the integration process, we will sign up for one of the affordable plans offered by the App Store API. Then we will get an API key.

After registration, let’s open a file named ‘apple-app-store-search-api.html’ in the file path where we will develop the application. Let’s paste the following codes into the file we opened.

With this code, we will get data from any app from App Store using App Store API and list it in a table on the website. Before running the application, let’s paste my own API key in the ‘YOUR-API-KEY’ field.

When we run the application, there will be inputs for the ‘Country’ and ‘App ID’ fields. After filling these inputs with ‘TR’ and ‘310633997’ and pressing the ‘Get App Detail’ button, we will get the following output.

the website where the app store api is integrated


To sum up, App Store data has become a need for developers today for many reasons. As a response to this need, with an App Store API that provides this data, developers get the data they need from the App Store in seconds.

Try our powerful Apple App Store API, and get data from App Store unhindered.


Q: What Are the App Clips?

A: App Clip is a fast and small-sized application offered to users to perform a specific function. It basically allows users to experience the functionality of an app without downloading it.

Q: What Are the Subscription Plans of the App Store API?

A: The App Store API listed under APILayer offers three subscription plans. Firstly, there is the free plan, which is limited to 30 requests per month. Additionally, there are two paid plans that provide extensive content and are offered at affordable prices.

Q: Does the App Store API Cache the Scraped Information?

A: No, it does not. It does not cache any information on its servers. Instead, it scrapes the App Store in real time and gets the records with the latest update when requested.

Q: Does the App Store API Provide Relevant Error Messages in case of an Error?

A: Yes, it does. In any case, the App Store API provides an error code and error message for the relevant error. So, apps using this API get very descriptive information in case of an error.

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