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Build IP Lookup Website Using ipstack With PHP

IP Lookup API

In this article, Ipstack’s IP lookup API, which finds and identifies the location of website visitors based on their IP address, will be integrated into the PHP programming language.

To access the features and documentation of the ipstack API: https://ipstack.com/

What is Ip Lookup?

IP Lookup is a network tool designed to help you extract important information about an IP address. This tool is suitable for network professionals or administrators who want to check for a suspicious IP on their network. The IP Lookup tool provides information such as Geolocation, regions, ownership information and much more that can assist in detecting an unknown attacker on the network.

Integration to PHP Programming Language

Before proceeding with the code integration, we choose one of the flexible packages suitable for you from the ipstack website, register and obtain an API key. With this API key, we can use the ip lookup service of the ipstack API.

After obtaining the API key, we create a PHP project for ip lookup operations and write the following code block.

With the PHP programming language, we send the request by adding the API key and the ip address we want to do the ip lookup to the ipstack API, and we print the incoming response directly to the screen.

The response from the service is as follows.

The response from the service contains dozens of data belonging to the IP address. Latitude, longitude, city, zip, continent name etc.

Now let’s add ip request and query. 

The response is as follows.


With the Ipstack API, you can perform your ip look operations dynamically and quickly. Ipstack API will make your work very easy with a very easy integration and strong documentation.

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