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Building A Nodejs Live News App With Mediastack API

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Live news applications are one of the most preferred application types on the internet recently. In the digital age, rapidly developing technology has made information about the world more accessible. In other words, the world is smaller now. Especially, it wouldn’t surprise anyone today that any live news app developed with an API like the mediastack API global news provider has millions of international users.

So why did we mention that an API like mediastack will move a live news application to the international platform? The mediastack API provides developers with over 7,500 resources while supporting 50 countries. At the same time, it provides both live and historical news quickly and thanks to its scalable structure, it helps developers to provide uninterrupted news flow to its users. So, what else should we pay attention to when developing a live news application, other than choosing a strong API? In this article, we will find the answer to this question and learn how to quickly integrate the mediastack API into the Node.js programming language.

What Should Be Considered When Developing a Live News App?

It is important for developers to pay attention to the following points when developing a live news application:

  • Understand API limitations: When developing a live news app, it is very important to understand the usage limitations and pricing policy of the API that provides us with the news data. The API may have daily/weekly/monthly call limitations or other restrictions. We should plan implementation with these limitations in mind.
  • Optimizing performance: Live news app should be fast and responsive. Optimizing the performance of API calls and data exchange is another issue that developers should pay attention to. Developers should use appropriate techniques to cache data, reduce unnecessary calls, and minimize data download times. Thus, the application’s performance increases directly.
  • Improving user experience: Live news apps should be user-friendly. In addition to presenting news only as text, it should provide additional features such as images, videos, headlines, summaries, and links to related news. So, by realizing these features, developers can increase user experience.

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Integration of the mediastack Live News API into Nodejs

In this section, we will integrate the live news endpoint provided by the mediastack API into the Node.js programming language.

Before we move on to the integration step, we need an API key. To obtain this API key, we will sign up for one of the economically priced subscription plans offered by the mediastack API.

We can use the API we obtained after the registration phase in our application. To develop the application, let’s first create the Node.js application with the following command.

Then we will add ‘express’ and ‘request’ libraries to our application with the following commands.

Now let’s open a file named ‘index.js’ in the applied file path and paste the following codes into this file.

After pasting our API key in the ‘YOUR-API-KEY’ field, we can run our application. We will provide the keywords that our application will search in live news with parameters.

To test our application, let’s request the following URL from the browser.

The JSON response we obtained as a result of this request is as follows.

json response from the live news app


As a result, live news applications are today’s most popular applications serving international users. Users can obtain breaking news for both its location and dozens of countries in the world with just one touch. There are many live news APIs on the internet that developers use to get data in these applications. Finding the most accurate and reliable live news APIs to increase user satisfaction is one of the most important responsibilities of developers.

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Q: What Applications Can I develop with a News API?

A: You can get news from thousands of sources using a news API. Some of the applications you can develop with this news data are as follows:

  • Top news stories apps
  • Mobile news apps
  • News streaming apps
  • Latest breaking news apps
  • Top local headlines apps

Q: Is the mediastack API Both a Global and Local News Provider?

A: Although The mediastack API is known as a global news provider, it also provides data from local news providers of countries. Thus, this API enhances developers’ local news experience. As a result, developers get the ability to appeal to people in every region.

Q: Can I Develop a Live News App with the mediastack API?

A: Yes, you can. By leveraging the scalable APILayer cloud infrastructure, the mediastack API promptly delivers accurate news results. So, with this API you can create automated processes and develop a live news app like ABC News.

Q: Does the mediastack API Provide News from the CBS News App?

A: Yes, it does. The mediastack API supports over 7,500 news sources. These news sources include the NY Times, CNN, ABC News, CBS News, and many more popular news sources.

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