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Discover the Power of Free APIs: A Comprehensive Guide


We all hunger to create something exceptional, but our biggest obstacle is the lack of new ideas. Free APIs can help! Developers often get stuck on what to make next. Have you also run out of new ideas?

A Free API list is all you need to get started with your next development project. A developer can create high-end applications with these Free APIs at zero cost. But the question is, where will you get all these APIs?

You can get JSON-based free APIs from the APILayer Marketplace; it is one of the best public API marketplaces offering access to a large collection of diverse APIs, including geolocation, marketing, weather, finance, etc.

In this guide, we’ll discover some of the best public APIs you can use to develop an exceptional application with higher functionality without burning your pockets. Let’s begin!

Comprehensive List of Free APIs for Developers

Though you can find numerous APIs on the marketplace, here are the ones that can help you build an application or website with exceptional functionality and features: –


Weatherstack home page

weatherstack is one of the best free REST APIs that help you retrieve accurate, weather data and information instantly for any location. It is trusted by more than 75,000 companies all across the globe. This lightweight web API is highly scalable and provides real-time and historical weather data in JSON format.

This weather API comes with bank-level security, provides flexible location lookup, and has a lightning-fast response. You can integrate this weather API into your own site or application in minutes, as it comes with extensive documentation. The most impressive part is this developer-friendly API offers a free plan with 250 calls per month.


ipapi home page

Trusted by more than 30,000 companies worldwide, ipapi is also one of the best free APIs for developers. This RESTful API service allows individuals to automate geolocation lookup and IP address validation in websites and applications. It can determine data total of 47 unique data points for each processed IP address.

ipapi can help you obtain extensive information regarding the ISP, currency, connection, location, and time zone of a user of a given IP address. The data this API provides is highly accurate and has the highest level of security. Since it has been built on a highly scalable infrastructure, thus, it can handle thousands to millions of requests hourly.

Fixer API

Fixer API home page

Those who trade internationally need a reliable Forex API like Fixer API. Developers can use Fixer API to develop an application with such functionality. This API provides data on 170 world currencies and has rock-solid sources for retrieving currency data, including European Central Bank. It offers historical exchange data and real-time data with higher accuracy.

Using Fixer API, you can build a reliable application as this API is lightweight and highly scalable. It offers dedicated support to keep its clients happy, and that’s why 200,000  developers and companies trust this API. The best part is you can go with its free plan and get 100 calls for free.


mediastack home page

mediastack is one of the most powerful and scalable APIs that deliver worldwide live and historical news data. This good API can retrieve data from trusted sources and return it in JSON format. It comes with a single news HTTP GET endpoint with plenty of options and parameters that help narrow down your news data query results.

You can filter your news results by countries, sources, dates, timeframes, and search keywords. It supports 13 languages and has 7,500+ news sources. So, use mediastack to develop an application with marvelous features and functionality. This simple API offers a free plan, and you don’t need access to a credit card to start with it.


Coinlayer restful web service API

Users can use cryptocurrency exchange rate APIs like coinlayer to build an application to help those who deal with cryptocurrency. coinlayer is the best API that provides accurate public data from trusted sources and covers over 385 coins and 25 exchanges. With this API, you can retrieve historical and real-time crypto rates and cryptocurrency data in the collective list.

coinlayer API has bank-grade security protection and offers 24/7 support to its clients. This powerful JSON API comes with extensive documentation that helps you easily integrate it into your application. With the free plan of this API, you get 100 requests per month with hourly updates and historical database collection.


OMDb API home page

OMDB API (Open Movie Database API) is a popular web-based API allowing developers to retrieve movie information and descriptions from many movies. With this API, developers can access various movie-related data such as plot summaries, ratings, cast and crew, release dates, posters, and more.

The API provides a simple and easy-to-use interface to obtain movie information that can be accessed by any programming language, making it a versatile tool for any developer interested in movie information. Additionally, the API supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols and allows user agents to specify the type of device or software used to access the service. You can create applications with this API and help all movie lovers.

Zenserp API

Zenserp API home page

SEOs scrape Google to determine the competitors’ rankings and create a foolproof marketing strategy. However, when their application or the tool freezes, it sucks. So, work on building an application with this functionality with 100% availability and higher reliability using Zenserp API.

This SERP API helps scrape Google and other major search engines like Bing, Yandex, etc., and retrieve query data from SERPs effortlessly. Plus, this API supports various programming languages,  including Java, PHP, Ruby, C, C++, etc. In addition, it has 99.9% uptime. Moreover, Zenserp API comes with extensive documentation making integration into the application easy.

Why Choose APILayer for Investing in APIs?

APILayer Marketplace

APILayer is one of the best marketplaces for investing in APIs in 2023. This marketplace has a wide range of APIs, from marketing to finance; you can get every type of public API on this platform. If you are a passionate developer, you can visit this marketplace to satiate your hunger for developing an exceptional application.

All the REST APIs listed on the APILayer have extensive documentation, making the integration process easier. Want to explore the powerful APIs available on the APILayer?

Visit our marketplace without delay and start your next projects now!


Q. What Is an API With An Example?

A. API is the short form of Application Programming Interface; it establishes communication between the system and the user using a series of protocols and definitions. The working of an API is similar to the waiter that serves you in a restaurant.

Q. Can You Get an API for Free?

A. Yes, some open APIs are free to use. You can connect them to develop mobile apps and web applications with higher functionality.

Q. What Do You Mean by Developer-Friendly API?

A. Developer-friendly APIs are those APIs that can handle all the changes or testing responsibly.

Q. Which Is the Best Platform to Buy APIs?

A. APILayer is one of the best marketplaces to buy APIs in 2023. On the web pages of this marketplace, numerous APIs are listed with extensive documentation and reasonable pricing. Visit this platform to buy the best open API for your next project.

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