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Email Verification API: Use cases and examples

If emails are the main operation tool in your business model and relationship with your customer, then, you sure know about the potential drawbacks as invalid, disposable, and fraud accounts.

Emails are everywhere, right? Business emails, advertisements, spams… Even today, emails are the primary tools to convey information between consumers and businesses. They are used in maintaining contact with existing customers and informing them about the news of your brand. Additionally, emails are the benchmark of online advertising to launch new campaigns and attract potential customers. Thousands of them are sent on a daily basis and it is quite time-consuming to monitor the process, to see whether you successfully communicate with the recipient.

What is an email verification API?

An email verification API also known as an email validation API is an automatized product responsible for detecting inactive or invalid email accounts. It monitors disposable or potentially threatening email accounts. It prohibits simple user errors and corrects misspelled and mistyped entries. It prevents you from sending emails to fake users, keeps you sure about your mailing lists, and guarantees the authenticity of your customers. Eventually, it decreases bouncing rates and increases email engagement and revenues.

How does email validation help you establish a better sender reputation?

Sender reputation is one of the most important aspects of email communications. It is a score you develop over time and assigned by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is, simply, a precaution taken by ISPs to monitor the countless numbers of SPAMs on a simultaneous basis. So, if you come up with a poor score lower than a certain threshold, your emails will most likely end up in the SPAM folder, or even rejected.

Email verification API eliminates dead-end and inactive emails and decreases bounce rates of service. It increases your deliverability and helps you have a healthy relationship with the customers. It provides automated monitoring of your sender reputation.

Who can benefit from the Email Verification API?

Online Shopping

Online shopping involves a number of transaction emails in the process and it is crucial to build an effective relationship with the customer. By courtesy of email verification, online sellers are able to deliver each transaction email correctly, therefore, your customers will always know about the states of their order.

Email Verification API

Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign may contain various information as advertisements, business requests, or sale or donation incentives. However, there is one thing in common: you must send a vast number of emails to reach out to the potential customers in your mailing list. Therefore, it is crucial to get in touch with most of the customers and not lose time in inactive and invalid emails. An email verification API will automate the process of eliminating such emails and provides you a sound and accessible mailing list.

B2B Marketers

Emails are the primary communication tool in client-base management for B2B marketers. An email verification API helps you monitor your client data and categorize them in accordance with their status in buying. Additionally, it sets you free from spending plenty of time picking over inactive clients and cold leads. It increases your productivity and provides more effective communication with your customers.

Registration and Subscription Forms

An email verification API eliminates mistyped, disposable, inactive, invalid or potentially threatening emails for your registration and subscription forms. By these means, you won’t have problems in taking customers in or contacting your subscribers via newsletters, notifications and receipts.

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