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Public APIs | Top Free Options for Developers by APILAYER

Public APIs - Top Free Options for Developers by APILAYER

Are you looking to create something amazing but don’t have the resources or an expert team of developers to hand? Free public APIs can be just the thing you need. By utilizing these ready-made, top-free public APIs, developers with any level of experience can access robust tools and create powerful applications easily and free of cost.

API Layer is one of the best API marketplaces where developers can find free JSON-based REST APIs that suit their needs well. With a diverse range of products from Web API and Geolocation to Currency API and Marketing API—there’s something here for all developers regardless of skill level!

In this blog post, we’ll explore some popular free public APIs that provide a range of services for developers, such as geolocation, maps & directions services, data wrangling, and more.

A junior developer is choosing the public APIS to get the best public API or rest API application programming interface

What Are the Public APIs?

Public or open APIs (aka. Application Programming Interfaces) are designed to provide developers with a simplified way to access software applications without needing an API key or access token.

It serves as a communications bridge between applications and their databases, allowing developers to quickly and accurately retrieve data from systems.

Without the use of an API, developing software programs would require manual coding for each desired interaction with the database, making development times much longer and far less efficient.

Advanced APIs allow tech companies to build complex software architectures that are both powerful and user-friendly. Companies can rapidly deliver new services without worrying about the underlying logic involved in processing data efficiently.

What Are The Top Free Public APIs For Developers?

Did you know Salesforce has generated 50% of revenue through open APIs? You can also leverage the benefits of APIs to make the most out of your product. You’ll find tons of great transactional APIs to provide the data necessary to integrate into your website, software app, or mobile apps.

Here are some of the best free APIs for developers to take their applications to whole new heights.

Zenserp API

Gone are the days of trying to collect search engine result page (SERP) data manually. Zenserp is a web service API that has revolutionized this process, making it faster and easier to scrape SERPs in a cost-effective and timely manner. Zenserp can gather SERPs without relying on third-party APIs or involving any affiliation with major search engine providers, so you can rest easy knowing your data is secure and reliable.

What’s more, since it’s done quickly and efficiently, you no longer have to sacrifice speed for accuracy. You can now easily measure the content performance of your business website on the most popular search engines faster than ever before. The results are provided to you in JSON format.

Zenserp API To get fake data from web pages using HTTP response status code for open data

Fixer API

Fixer API is one of the reliable rest APIs for developers as it enables you to keep track of global currency fluctuation with its lightweight and simple API. It integrates data from over 15 exchange rate sources and provides real-time information on 170 world currencies.

With the range of available endpoints, the Fixer API caters to various tasks, such as obtaining the latest exchange rate data, converting amounts between different currencies, hosting time-series datasets, and monitoring daily currency variations.

All in all, Fixer is an invaluable free API for anyone interested in keeping an eye on currency fluctuations worldwide.

fixer API to attack surface analysis capabilities for getting foreign exchange rates

Ipstack API

Like the above-listed two APIs, Ipstack API is one of the best APIs that lets you locate and identify website visitors by IP address. This API provides an incredibly valuable real-time IP geolocation API that boasts accuracy, speed, and security. It offers a fantastic opportunity to significantly enhance your user experience and application, as it quickly and securely identifies website visitors’ exact location and public data. Simply put, with Ipstack API, you can know the user’s zip codes, area, and geographical location.

With the Ipstack API, you can gain access to the information you need within milliseconds in either JSON metadata or XML format – invaluable for those needing accurate results fast. With this wonderful API service, improve your user experience today with this powerful and reliable service from Ipstack!

ipstack api As accurate ip geolocation apis for vat number validation

Youtube Search API

The Youtube Search API lets you get videos from YouTube’s big library and use them in your apps or websites. This is useful for users looking for videos. It also gives you useful information about what users like, which helps you make apps they’ll enjoy using.

You can use this data to make apps that are even more personalized to what users want, which makes them more likely to use your app. The Youtube Search API is a great tool for making digital experiences that people will love.

youtube api To get IPG location data from youtube into Google sheets search apis for exchange data or query data

Weatherstack API

Weatherstack is a powerful and reliable weather API trusted by a plethora of companies across the world. Working with current weather data can often be tricky, but Weatherstack’s accuracy, user-friendliness, and dependable solutions make it an ideal choice for its customers. Further, you can have access to historical weather data. It has simple rest principles which can make it easy to use.

Not only does it provide you with an indispensable real-time data update feature, but it also offers historical data acquisition and reliable weather forecasting options. It is easy to see why large companies such as Microsoft and Ericsson trust this API to ensure their success in changing weather conditions.

Weatherstack API to get IP geolocation data for whether such as weather sensitive data structured data using graphql api

Why Is API Layer The Best App Store API For You?

APILayer- Extensive API Marketplace for free public APIs

APILayer stands out among other APIs on the market due to their quality and range. Their state-of-the-art machines learning and web tool APIs are perfect for ambitious tech projects. These projects may range from from deep neural networks to user experience tools. Many APIs are free to use, and some require API keys to integrate easily with your application.

APILayer also makes getting started easier than ever by offering well-formed documentation. Furthermore, it takes you through every step of the development process.

Explore what APILayer can do for you today – it’s worth it!

Public APIs: Conclusion

Free public APIs are like ready-made tools that developers can use to create powerful applications without starting from scratch. API Layer is a great place to find these APIs. They offer a variety of APIs for different needs, like geolocation and currency conversion, and they’re free to use.

Some popular APIs include Zenserp for scraping search engine results. On the other hand, there is Fixer for tracking currency rates, and Ipstack for locating website visitors. These APIs provide valuable services and can enhance the user experience of your applications.

API Layer’s documentation makes it easy for developers to use their APIs. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to add useful features to their applications without a lot of hassle.

Public APIs: FAQs

Are Public APIs Free to Use?

Freemium APIs or open APIs are different APIs that developers can use free of cost. Also, some APIs require access.

What are Some of the Best Public APIs?

There are tens of thousands of APIs listed on many API marketplaces. The best free APIs include geolocation API, Shutterstock API, Youtube API, Twitter API, Spotify API, Restful API, and so on.

Which marketplace is best for free APIs?

APIlayer is considered the best marketplace as it provides documentation that makes the process easier for developers.

What is API testing?

It is all about testing API requests and responses from the server.

Sign Up for free at APIlayer to get the best public APIs.

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