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How Can Mediastack News API Benefit Your Business Website

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News is a category that interests many people today. The interest in business news applications has increased with the popularity of the magazine, the pandemic, and the hot news in the world. With news applications, businesses aim to present multiple sources on their news sites to attract users who follow news from every category to their applications. Businesses can achieve these goals with the free news API.

With the free news API, businesses can obtain news from multiple sources or even local sources from more than one country with a single HTTP request. The number of news APIs has increased in recent years due to the ease of use and low costs for businesses. In this article, we will introduce the mediastack API, which is the most popular news API among the growing news APIs. Then, we will integrate this API into the Python programming language and discuss how this API benefits businesses.

The mediastack API: Best News API in the Market

home page of the mediastack news api

The mediastack API is today’s best free news API for businesses and developers, suitable for any project. This API can be used in small, medium, and large projects.

The mediastack API is a very comprehensive news API that supports 50+ countries and 7,500+ news sources. The Guardian, Al Jazeera, BBC, Sky News, and CBS News are some of the sources he supports. It sources and supports both local and global. Moreover, the mediastack API offers its users historical news data with a single HTTP call. It has a unique database.

It offers its users a scalable JSON API. So, users can easily use this API in high-traffic applications. Also, it offers an easy integration process to its users by integrating with applications in just a few steps.

Finally, this API is a free news API. It provides its users with a free subscription plan with a limit of up to 500 requests per month forever.

The mediastack API Integration into Python

In this section, we will show you how the mediastack API offers its users a fast integration process. For this, we will integrate the mediastack news API into the Python programming language.

Let’s create a Python file named ‘news-app-with-the-mediastack.py’ to start the integration process. Then put the following code in this file.

This code will send a request to the ‘Live News’ endpoint of the mediastack API with Python’s ‘requests’ library and print the incoming JSON response to the application’s console. Before starting the application, let’s paste the API key that we obtained by registering for one of the affordable subscription plans offered by mediastack in the ‘YOUR-API-KEY’ field.

Let’s run the application with the following command:

The response we get after running the application is as follows:

json response of the news application

In this part, we have easily integrated the mediastack API into the Python programming language in just a few steps.

What are the Advantages of Using the mediastack API for Businesses?

There are many news APIs available today. However, the mediastack API has many advantages over other news APIs for businesses. In this section, we will talk about how the mediastack API provides benefits to businesses.

  • Comprehensive News Data: The mediastack API provides access to an extensive worldwide network of news sources. More than 7,500. This allows businesses to access up-to-date and diverse news data on different topics, categories, regions, and languages. This information can help businesses follow market trends, provide location-based news to their users, make industry analyses, and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Fast Data Retrieval: The mediastack API provides businesses with fast and reliable data retrieval. Requests to the API are processed quickly and responses are returned in JSON format, the most popular data transfer format today. So, businesses can quickly capture news data and perform real-time analytics or news impressions.
  • Customizable Queries: The mediastack API allows users to flexibly customize their news queries. In requests made through the API, filters can be made according to keywords, news sources, languages, and many more parameters. Thus, it helps businesses focus on a specific target audience or a specific industry.
  • Historical News: The mediastack API provides historical news data to businesses. Businesses can easily obtain historical news data belonging to the categories and even languages they want. Thanks to this feature, many businesses can make analyzes and inferences based on past news data.
  • Affordable Price: The mediastack API offers the news API service that supports thousands of sources today in a very affordable way. By using the API, businesses do not need to set up a large infrastructure for data ingestion or make separate agreements with news data providers. Thus, it reduces the costs of obtaining data for businesses and allows them to focus their resources on other strategic activities.


As a result, the mediastack API has numerous benefits to businesses. With the mediastack API, businesses can obtain both current and historical data from thousands of sources with filtering by multiple parameters. Thus, businesses can evaluate more than one use case to attract more users to the applications of this API.

Register today’s best reliable JSON news API, and quickly get both live and historical news data.


Q: Is The mediastack API a Free News API?

A: Yes, it is. The mediastack API offers developers and businesses a free subscription plan for up to 500 requests per month. Additionally, it has very affordable paid subscription plans with high usage limits.

Q: What are the Use Cases of a News API?

A: A news API is a very helpful web service today. So it has many use cases. Firstly, news monitoring and analysis. Then, content creation and publishing. Then, market research and trend analysis. Lastly, finance and investment. Also, many businesses use the news API for announcement and crisis management.

Q: How Many Countries and News Sources Does the mediastack API Support?

A: The mediastack API supports 50+ countries and 7,500+ news sources. The news sources it supports are both global and local sources.

Q: What Does the mediastack News API Documentation Include?

A: The mediastack’s extensive documentation contains a lot of detailed information about the API. For example, it provides information about API’s endpoints, endpoint filtering, API error codes, sample API integration codes, and much more. As a result, the documentation it provides resolves almost all question marks of users.

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